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Sunday, November 18, 2007

First Shot of Lupron

Took my first shot today...6:30 in the morning (on a Sunday - yuch)! Bill was a doll and got up with me even though I told him not to. He was so tired, he couldn't see. Me? I'd been up since 4:45 thinking about the shot. Don't know why...that was just my morning.

It was easy to measure the 20 units out of the vial and into the syringe. The needle is as small as the needles that diabetics use, so the injection wasn't that bad. The one thing that was different about this medication than my previous is that this burned after the injection was over. The baby aspirin reminded me of childhoods past as that taste lingered in my mouth for a while...I love that shit! I laid in bed and rubbed the area for a while and cuddled, but there was no going back to sleep. So, I came downstairs and watched this woman's videos (big azz needle). She's funny and it's nice to see someone else injecting their own abdomen.

So, now breakfast with Jenny, clean the bathrooms, grade papers, go to the gym, and start my week of conferences (blech!) where all sorts of people are going to judge and critique me and then turn around and tell me how they don't know how I do it and that they could never do it. Gotta love the double talk from parents at Glenwood! Oh yeah...I'll also be waiting for the side effects to kick in...I'm so petrified of the unknown - positive thoughts, right...go Lupron!