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Monday, November 26, 2007

My Morning Coffee

Okay, from left to right are my transitions from the morning cup of coffee. It used to be a cup or two of the good hot coffee - sweetened to perfection and ready to go with me in the morning. I gave that up Memorial Day of this year b/c I thought it would help me get pregnant. Turns out, it's going to take more than that.

Front and center? My current form of morning coffee. This is very difficult to bring anywhere with me. It doesn't wake me up or taste good. It doesn't even feel good! Can you imagine? I will do it though because it may bring us to picture #3.

Right hand side? What I hope to be my new wake-up call. I really hope this cycle of IVF works. I have heard stories about how the lack of sleep is the worst thing about having a new baby. To tell the truth? I look forward to it. I know many of you will bring up this particular entry when I'm complaining about it someday, but it's true. If you're "lucky" enough to suffer from the lack of sleep, then you have seen a positive pregnancy test (I never have), seen your baby on an ultrasound (I've only seen my own organs which are getting pretty boring at this point), heard your baby's heartbeat, felt the kicking from the inside (I've only felt it from the outside - I can't imagine it any other way), gone into labor, seen your baby born, and held something that only your husband/wife and you are responsible for creating. It's amazing and I want to be a part of all of that...I just need to take all of these drugs first!

I learned about "kissing ovaries" this's where your ovaries get so swollen from all of the follicles that they actually touch. Yes, that's right...organs that are supposed to be on opposite sides could touch - joy! Oh, and thanks to everyone for NOT mentioning "baby dust." I may punch you in the face. If you don't know, it's this thing that women trying to get pregnant "sprinkle" on each other in the form of good wishes - it's so horribly gay that I just can't stand it, so thanks!


So, this is wand. We're going to be spending lots of time together b/c she is able to see what's going on inside of me. Yesterday, she found out the the drugs to suppress ovulation (how ironic) are working and now we're really on our way! We celebrated by decorating the house for Christmas - we're just the little overachievers, aren't we? Maybe, but we're done with the outside of the house! Anyway, Wanda and I are going to have breakfast together on Wednesday, probably Friday, and quite possibly every other morning from there until the doctor tells me that it's time for the egg retrieval - nuts! Wanda will probably bring her friend, Ned the Needle, for bloodwork with her just to make sure that all bases are covered. So, the introductions are done...I'll keep you posted on what Wanda has to say.