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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Had Breakfast with Wanda and Ned

Wanda told me that I have three follicles on my right ovary and one on my left. They weren't measuring today, but just counting, so I have no idea if those are good numbers (meaning am I normal?) or low. She said that she could tell that there were more there, but they were too small to see since it's so early in my stimming - that's what they call the hyper-stimulation of my terminology, huh? So, I'm going back on Friday (late to work again!) and they'll hopefully be able to see more. For now, I'll keep doing the shots and hurting my tummy!

Bill went to his injection class today (for my butt injections) and he said that he's going to practice on some oranges first. Poor oranges...better them than me - oh wait! It will be me soon enough! Great!