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Friday, November 30, 2007

Seriously? Higher dosages on my medications?

So, after I posted the other day, Katrina (my nurse) called and left a message. I was progressing slower than they had hoped (yuch) and they were going to increase my dosages for the FSH hormones...fine, whatever, I'm already putting the needles in there...who cares how much medicine is in there? It did make me nervous though because why am I going to slowly? Is this normal? Oh right...there is no such thing as a "normal" cycle...everyone is different. So, I do what they tell me to do and cross my fingers (again).

Last night I started having some pretty negative thoughts...I was afraid that this morning's appointment wouldn't give me good news and that I wasn't responding...typical stuff that happens when you screw with every hormone in your body. I have also been getting horrible headaches from the medicine...thank God for Excedrin migraine! I don't know if I should be taking this or not, but I'm not pregnant yet and I figure why not take advantage of modern medicine while I still can and while I really need to. I don't think that I could have gotten through the days of teaching without these little pills. I have a new respect for anyone who goes through their days in chronic pain.

So, this morning, I traipse into the doctor's office again - I was number two in line which pissed me off, but oh worked out for me b/c the girl who was #1 wanted to talk to a nurse before getting her blood drawn - that left Room 1 and Wanda #1 all open for me! I think that I like the thought of being the first one being "serviced" by makes me feel special. So, the tech told me that she saw 3 follicles on one ovary and 5 on the other...a big improvement from Wednesday, so I am responding. My uterine lining is right where they want it, so I'm all happy again. This is seriously such an emotional roller coaster that it's ridiculous.

Then Katrina called this afternoon. My estrogen level is around 98 (an increase from 41.2 on Wednesday) and things are progressing nicely, but they're going to increase my dosages - AGAIN!!! I can say that I am happy about this...not because I may lose my mind on any more hormones, but because they're monitoring me so closely and can make those tweaks when they need to. We're trekking down to Rockville again on Sunday (get ready for an update!) and then who knows how many times next week. I will probably trigger on Wednesday and do the egg retrieval on Friday...I hope they let me wear a little bit of make-up...I love surgery b/c you get to get knocked out (LOVE THAT!), but I hate it b/c I can't wear make-up (not even lipstick) or jewelry or contacts...everything that makes me beautiful! Just kidding...I can suffer through that for a kid...that's what I do!

Have a great weekend everyone and please know that you can post right to this blog...I love when people have comments, but don't be shy! BTW, everyone who has been emailing me supportive comments and just making me feel good...thanks - I really need it and appreciate it more than you know. You like really like me!