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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We're getting there!

You'll understand this picture in a few minutes. So, I went in today for my BW and ultrasound...I'm finally growing! Well, not me as much as my organs. Okay, if you are my freaking measurements (one day I will have another normal conversation): Right ovary - 20.1mm, 17.3mm, 18.4mm, 13.7mm and my Left ovary - 20.3, 19.6, and 14.9. They want me to be between 18 and 24 for retrieval. My estrogen level is a whopping 590 (that's big for me) and it seems like I'm responding to this dosage of meds.

So, I'm dragging my ass back into the office tomorrow morning - 7:15 - bright and early. I need to get another ultrasound and blood work. They're thinking that I'm going to trigger tomorrow night and get those little suckers out of there on Friday...I wonder what it will feel like. I'm not concerned with the you all know, I can't wait to be knocked out. I'm wondering what it will feel like when I can't feel my ovaries anymore. It's not overwhelming, but when I sit down, I can definitely feel the weight and pressure of the ovaries...they're pretty full at this point. Will I feel empty? Will I miss the eggies? Will I need to go gaze at the chicken eggs at the supermarket to make myself feel better? No...that's just ridiculous! I'm just kidding anyway...I don't think there will be a lot of time between the retrieval and the transfer for me to regulate. Then I get the butt shots! Ugh!

Other than that, my head is a dull throbbing at this point...the Excedrin is starting to wear off - NOOOO! I can't take it at night though b/c it has caffeine and I really need to sleep. My sister is so excited that I'm off to the next step...she actually squealed on the phone today. That made me feel, I got tulips from my Mom...who gets tulips in December? I do! So, I'll be in surgery/transit/bed Friday and possibly a lot of Saturday if anyone is interested in December is very different this a lot of ways. Oh, and a co-worker who doesn't know that I'm going through IVF said that she had a dream about me having twins - a boy and a girl...wouldn't it be great if dreams came true? Maybe not...I wanted to be Jem (with the Holograms of course) when I was younger! That would be really bad! Now I must have ice cream...have a great night!