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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holy Full Ovaries Batman!

These things are full! They are just sitting on my lap like two little puppies - just not a cute! Oh...and they don't squirm around or lick me...that would be sooo weird! Anyway, the appointment went well today...they saw the same amount of follicles and my endometrial lining is good. I sat with the nurse and went through my trigger instructions for IVF since it's my first and it's apparently different from IUI...that's probably because this is a surgical procedure and the others weren't. For the second day in a row, they told me that I'd be triggering that night. So, I left there feeling pretty good. It was snowing a little bit - pretty snow...not gross annoying snow. My headache wasn't so bad. Things were okay.

As the day went on, it continued to snow and all of the other counties around me got sent home early - that sucks. Oh, and the battery for the watch I just got in September stopped working - nice, huh? I got an email from Bill telling me that we should have checked into his insurance because his insurance actually covers 100% of the IVF rather than my 50%. By the time the kids went home, the roads were really bad, so I canceled tutoring for this afternoon. It gives me a night off, but I like that money. So, now we're looking at gross/wet snow, no watch, paying too much for IVF (although I shouldn't complain b/c of how many people aren't covered at all), and no early dismissal. Then I get the message from Katrina (my nurse) who tells me that their network is down and she can't get to my information, but someone would call me later.

So, they call...the nurse tells me that while she can't get to my levels b/c of the computer issue, the doctor wants me to continue on the medicine (rather than triggering) and I probably won't be triggering until tomorrow. That means egg retrieval on Saturday rather than Friday (ruining our idea for a 4 day week, but I don't have to write sub plans). That also means that if Howard County has a snow delay tomorrow morning, I can't even enjoy it because I have to drag my ass into the doctor's office for another visit with Wanda at 7:15. My arms are all bruised up and my stomach is numb from all of the shots! I've just about had it. Oh well...that's enough of the pity party...oh wait - not yet...then we're shoveling the snow off the driveway and walkway and all of the lights on the house go out...completely dead! We can't figure it out, but either way it just wasn't a good day. I didn't even realize how sucky it was until I started writing about all of the events. Maybe I shouldn't do that!

I'll update tomorrow and hopefully I'll have better news...for now, I have to go shoot up (that's the term I use when I feel like a druggie) and get dinner...awww...too bad...the chicken didn't defrost and we have to eat out...AWESOME!!!