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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trigger Time!

So, I went back to the doctor this morning (missing my first snow delay I might add with some bitterness) and the doctor told me that I was "hovering" around the same sizes for my follicles. Thanks a lot...that's a great, no progress I'm guessing. She also told me that depending on my estrogen, we may trigger which I replied, "I've heard that before." Gotta love an uncontrollable streak of sarcasm...I just can't get a grip on that!

Anyway, I got the call after school that we are to "trigger" tonight and that we'll do the retrieval on Saturday with bedrest Sunday. At least I don't have to take any days off...I freaking HATE sub plans! I'm glad about several things:
1. I don't have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning. Three mornings in a row killed me!
2. I don't have to make sub plans.
3. I don't have to take any shots tomorrow and only one tonight...the big trig!
4. We're finally moving on. Limbo was driving me nuts.
5. The doctor waited until it was the right time...trusting them is all I can do right now, but it's hard. I don't know anything about this process or how my body is going to react to any of it. All I can assume is that they're the experts and do everything they tell me even if I doubt it sometimes...they're in control.
6. I think I got our lights working again...I can't get them back onto AUTO, but they are coming on...Bill will be surprised to see them on when he drives up tonight. Anything I can do to make him happy at this point will be my pleasure...that's a loaded statement...let's say within reason...he's stressed out too after all. The lights are the least I could do.

Also, several people have told me how this blog has brought them to tears. While that is not my intention, I really appreciate that b/c I am pouring my heart and soul out through writing, but I want you to know something. Writing it down has given me an outlet that my voice couldn't. I so appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers. One of my best friends in the world called me, she's the kind of friend who we don't talk often, but when we do chat or get together, it's like no time has passed. She left a message on my voicemail and it started off normal...hey, thinking about you...lalala...then she got emotional and started crying and saying all of this amazingly nice stuff...emotional to the point that while I was sitting in my car after school yesterday, I was almost sobbing (think Oprah - ugly cry)'s just so nice to know that people love you that much - enough to cry for you. The thing filled my heart...I wasn't crying because I was sad (and I do believe that sometimes I have a reason to be sad), I was crying because I was happy to be loved that much. It is the most humbling experience to be loved and thought of with such good thoughts and wishes. Anyway, enough with the mushy stuff...all I can say to everyone, Bill, family, thanks...I have the best support system in the world! Oh, and I'll name the baby after all of you...happy now?