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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Getting the Eggies - All of the components for a relaxing day

So, the egg retrieval is today and here is what I have planned for my relaxing day:

1. Get ovaries emptied - I wonder if I'll weigh less...these suckers feel heavy...don't know if they actually are.
2. Get husband to do his thing while I'm in surgery...shouldn't be a problem. He told me last night that he actually wanted to be in the operating room to see what happens...I told him that would be tough since he's supposed to be doing his thing at the exact same time...I think the nurses would look at him strangely - haha! He agreed.
3. Get to have drugs knock me out - yippee!!
4. Get to be driven around (although being the control freak that I am, I don't like that part).
5. Get the couch/remote all to myself.
6. Get to watch all of the TV that I've been DVR-ing.
7. Get to eat crap that I wouldn't normally (sometimes after I've had surgery, Bill actually goes to get me McDonald's...I think he breaks out into a small rash, but I love him for it).
8. Get to get out of grocery shopping - I loathe grocery shopping.
9. Get to eat breakfast early - I can eat until 7 AM - 2 blueberry Kashi waffles and a clementine - don't you hate when they have pits? What's that all about?
10. Get to catch up on some reading.
11. Get to finish my essays for my law final.
12. Get to go to bed early, still laced with the anesthesia, and have a peaceful sleep while someone else is making my babies...weird, huh? Never thought that I wouldn't be there for the conception of my babies.

I'll write more later to let you know how many eggies were retrieved...fingers crossed!