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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sing it: Five Golden...Embryos? No, that's not holiday-ish!

So, we're down to five and counting as of today. We transfer tomorrow at 2:30, so keep your fingers crossed at exactly that moment! Just kidding...that's a little ridiculous. Dr. O called tonight though to let us know that five are still going strong and depending on what they look like tomorrow morning, we'll implant 1 (if they're outstanding) or 2 (if they're a little under outstanding). The picture above is what the blastocyst looks like...not mine, but someone else's. That globule toward the left side is that actual baby's amazing that we all came from that! That's all for now...keeping cautiously optimistic and dreading the 2 week wait...I have two days off!!! That means a 4 day weekend which I couldn't be happier about...the weather sucks, but that comes with the territory in December on the East Coast. Have a great night!