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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Transfer Successful

Short Version:
They transferred two embryos and everything is fine.

Long Version with all of the Deets:
Dr. O called this morning and said that it looked like one was rated "excellent" and we would probably transfer that one. They usually only transfer two if they're not rating that high. Okay...fine. We get ready (no lotion, aftershave, or deodorant - they can kill the embryos) and leave. We were nervously excited b/c this is the closest that we have been to being pregnant. We'll relish it while we can!

So, we get on our way and Bill is frustrated by every slow driver that inevitably pulls out in front of us. We finally get there and we have a problem. You see...the instructions tell us that I need to drink 20-32 ounces of liquid prior to the transfer because it pushes the uterus into a better position. So, on the way there, I finished about a liter of water...I don't screw around when given instructions! I have a really small/impatient bladder to begin with, but I was dealing with it. They call us in and we need to put on booties to go into the room. I undress from the waist down and put a drape over myself...then we wait. I can't even tell you how badly I had to go to the bathroom. Bill kept talking to me (the nerve!) and I couldn't talk back b/c I was in the zone of retaining all that I had put in me.

Finally the nurse comes in (this is right after I had started to cry b/c I didn't think that Bill realized how desperate I was) and she's giving us all of our post-op instructions. When she's finished, she asks if we have any questions. My supremely intelligent question which shows that I'm just here for the babies was "Can I go the bathroom just a little bit?" I was so embarrassed! I couldn't believe that in doing all of this to get a baby, I'm worried about peeing myself, but it was a dire situation! She tells me that they want to scan me first to make sure that the bladder will still be big enough. The scanner comes in (a.k.a. my angel) and puts the cold gel on my belly and presses (thanks a lot...that's helping with my incontinence) and the whole screen basically fills with black. She looked at me and told me that she was surprised that I could still talk and that I could use the bathroom for a 10-count. Interesting term, huh? So, I had to wrap myself up and traipse to the bathroom (outside - near the waiting room). When I stepped outside, the nurses are talking about me and the lady who did the scan told me that she almost couldn't wait just looking at my bladder!

I won't go into all the details about the bathroom, but it was the best 10-count of my life!

Okay...back to business...the doctor came in and told use that while one was looking really good this morning, it hadn't really changed since then and to keep our chances of becoming pregnant high, they wanted to tranfer two embryos. We totally trust them and they had spoken to Dr. O, so we were fine with that. At this point, whatever will get us pregnant is the risk we're willing to take. The scary thing? We're now at a higher risk for multiples...crazy! So, the doctor inserted the speculum and the catheter while the embryologist checked my ID and the tech put the ultrasound on my belly so that the doctor (and us) could see what was going on. She put this cleansing liquid on my cervix and called for the embryos. He brought the in and asked for my name again. Then they threaded the embryo catheter through the one that was already there, repositioned it so that it was toward the most "meaty" part of my uterus, and asked us if we could see it. We could see it, so they said "transfer" and slowly injected the liquid and the embryos into me! We totally saw the whole thing and it was really cool. We had to wait for 1 minute before they removed the catheter (I'm assuming to make sure that all the liquid stayed in there). They then checked the catheter to make sure that all of the embryos were transferred and then laid there for 5 minutes.

They gave us a picture and we're going to call them Lil Buddy and Lil Pal for now. They're going to wait until Saturday to see if the other two are good enough for cryopreservation and we'll make that call when it comes up. Other than that, I'm just enjoying keeping my feet up and watching TV. Please understand that I didn't necessarily put all of these details in for my friends and family. I am really trying to chronicle this experience in case there is a next time and I don't want to forget too much! Thanks for bearing with me! We'll keep you informed, but we won't know anything definite until December 26th! No wine to get me through the holidays...boohoo! Just kidding...I can handle that for the other possibility!