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Sunday, December 16, 2007

PIO Butt Injections (ooowwweeeeee!)

Is it normal for one of my ass cheeks to be better at taking these shots than another? Is there any truth that massaging the oil in makes it feel better the next day? Is this better than the progesterone suppositories? Am I glad that I have never watched Bill give me this injection?

Answer to all of these questions? YES

I can't believe how I had to walk up the escalator at the mall yesterday morning! I was so embarrassed b/c apparently I didn't realize how much my left ass cheek hurt. All of the sudden, I took one step and had to walk up the rest like I had a severe limp! It was mortifying...most of all because I kept trying to make it look I knew it was going to happen and this was perfectly normal. Sorry, shithead, but it's not normal for you to have an ass cheek give out as you're trying to climb stairs. I couldn't even look around to make sure that no one was below me b/c I just didn't want to know!

So, now we've realized that we need to massage the oil in or else it sits in my ass cheek like it's setting up camp for the weekend! We didn't because that injection hurt so badly that I screamed at Bill (he was laughing at me of course...he does that a lot lately) that nothing would make it feel better and not to touch it because it hurt so much and it wouldn't make a difference anyway because all this shit wants to do it ruin my life and wreak havoc on my ass!!! Yeah...I was really mature that night!

This is sooo much better than the suppositories...those were the worst. My cho-cha was not my own and I was a slave to an oozy cho-cha...who wants that? No body! I'm so glad that I'm taking these IM injections and not the suppositories. First, they have more medicine. Second, the pain is momentary...once we rub it in, we're finished. With the suppositories, it's an ongoing torture...never want that crap again!

Finally, I am sooo glad that I have never watched Bill give me the injection. The needle is at least 1.5 inches long b/c it has to go through all of the ass fat into the muscle. I haven't even seen the needle without the sheath b/c I really don't want to. You know...the whole what you don't know won't hurt you thinking? Yeah...that works really well for me right now! He's trooper for doing it for me. I know he hates it, but he totally gets a kick out of my nightly reactions. None are alike and they're all ridiculous rants about something that I can't do a thing about.

Okay, stay tuned for the post What IVF Has Taught Me About My Marriage