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Saturday, July 5, 2008

32 Weeks - Another Milestone

We were cleaning out the closet yesterday and I found two pairs of the jeans that I used to wear...oh...longing for smaller days! I am freaking huge! I am trying to keep moving, but between my sciatica and the pelvic paint that I'm experiencing, it's difficult.

My sister left on Tuesday...I appreciate all of the help tremendously...even if it's just someone to bitch with, it's nice to have other people around.

On Thursday, my friend Kelli came over and she brought me two journals to write down the kids' milestones over the years...we had discussed this while school was still in session (how she remembered, I'll never know), but I really like the idea. I hope I can keep up with it and make it special for each child. I think it will be nice to give them someday! After she left, I had my big outing to the was so exciting. I found a new book called Parenting, Inc. which goes through all of the ways that new parents are bilked out of money and guilted into spending money when it's really unnecessary. I really hope that I can just stick to the basics with these two and not get caught up in classes and activities and all of that shit. I never had that stuff and I'm find (relatively)!

Bill was off yesterday for the 4th of July...that was good for him. He was able to take it easy a little bit (a big thing for Bill), but he still got work done. He never stops. It rained most of the day anyway, so I didn't feel like I was missing any huge celebrations...we watched the Macy's fireworks on television and that was good enough for me!

Today Bill hauled me off to Home Depot to pick out some stuff. We needed to pick out new ceiling tiles for the basement (drop ceiling - yuch!), banister materials for the stairs, and sconces for the basement. The entire basement should be completed by the end of July...paint, rugs, and lighting.

Pregnancy wise, life has been better and I still know it could be worse, so this complaining is completely selfish. My pelvic pain is still there and I have graduated to having sporadic sciatica in both legs. Turning over in bed is torture and taking naps is like having someone rip my pelvis out b/c at the end of the nap, I have to turn over and get up...not a good thing for me! No change in my cervix (still closed) and everything seems to be holding steady. I think that Hailey may have moved and her feet are closer to the bottom of my stomach, so I don't know what that means in terms of a birth plans. Trying to write a birth plan seems a little stupid when you're having twins...who the hell knows what is going to happen? Oh, we started packing my bag for the you think that it's okay to bring them home in a short onesie? I mean, it seems ridiculous to pack pants for them when it's probably going to be in August...know what I mean? We'll see...they'll have blankets too at the hospital, so I'm not really concerned with them being too cold.

That's all for now...can't wait to eat like a normal person (still bitching about the GD), but I am surviving! Have a good one!


Denise said...

Congrats on hitting the 32 week milestone! Complain away, please (entirely selfish of me so I will know what to expect later in the year!).

auntie manda said...

you're so cute! don't forget your 32 week picture! can't wait to see you again...

Amy said...

I suggest you include in your journal all the cute things your children say. You think you'll remember, but sadly, you don't. I wish I had taken the time to write down all of the adorable comments made by my sons.

The rule of thumb I followed for dressing a baby, is dress them as you are dressed. Would you be comfortable (temperature wise) in a onesie? Probably yes, outside, but in an air conditioned car, you'd need something to throw over yourself. I felt the rule was very helpful.

Gibson Twins said...

Congrats on the 32 week mark!
As for taking them to classes/activities/etc, you will be amazed at twin interaction at home- they learn so fast from eachother and it is like having a playdate everyday. I don't take them to do structured activities, but they really really enjoy the park, grocery store (love to people watch i think and see the lobsters), and to visit family out of town for a change of scenery.

If you didn't want to do just a onesie to take the babies home, you could always do a lightweight sleeper or a short sleeve shirt with pants. Mine wear pants when I keep the a/c really low.

Good luck on the last few weeks!