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Friday, January 4, 2008

Picture - their big debut?

Okay, so the picture doesn't look like much. They were hard to get on the same screen, so it's a little blurry, but they're there! The doctor definitely saw the heartbeat of the baby on the left and thought she saw one on the right, but wants to see us again next week to make sure that everything is okay (Bill and I know we saw it). She said the one on the right was probably implanted a few days after the larger one. It was so crazy to see these little things on the screen and know they were the reason I took those drugs and shots. They were the reason I stuck needles in myself repeatedly - without fail. They were the reason that I am watching everything I eat (and lately there has been a lot to watch). They are the reason that I pass out every night at 5:00!

I am still keeping my fingers crossed because I know how early it is, but I am finally relieved. I have been holding my breath for a while and finally I could exhale today...that big exhale came with some tears, but happy tears for a change. I just can't believe how lucky we are. Thanks for everyone's comments today...each one brought tears to my eyes throughout the day.

One Word

I cannot freaking believe this. I mean I knew it deep down inside, but to see them was amazing! I have a picture, but I need to get it scanned before I can post it. The problem is that I'm at school right now and it's hard to get anything done with these 8th graders wanting me to teach them or something crazy like that - the nerve of them! Just kidding! I just wanted to get something posted and I will post the picture later. They're so tiny...I just can't believe it!