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Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm an idiot

I left the thumb drive that had my scanned sonogram pictures at school. The whole day, this freaking envelope was getting in my way and I was like, "well, there's no way I'll forget them now," and I did. Oh well...I remember what they look like, so I'll have that to get me through the weekend.

Bill is upstairs right now (on a Friday night when he'd usually be at the gym) sanding the babies' room to get it ready for priming and painting. He's hysterical...he has this whole plan about the house and how he's going to have everything done by the time the babies get here. I really don't know where he gets his energy from (this coming from someone who has been on the couch since 3:30). He's amazing. I think he actually got a little annoyed at me this evening. He was going back and forth from the basement to the bedroom with tools and stuff and I kept asking if I could help. Finally, he looks at me and says, "don't take this the wrong way, but stop asking...I don't want you to help, I want you to rest for yourself and the babies." That was all I needed. I stopped asking. I still feel this weird guilt b/c we used to do all of the house stuff together, but I know in my head that I shouldn't be around it at all. He also has this elaborate plan for the dust from the sanding...he's had the ShopVac on the entire time that the sander has been on and it's pointing out an open window...he doesn't want any of it to get to me. Gotta love him...he's the absolute best.

So, I had a burst of energy this evening and got up, emptied the dishwasher, and made myself a salad. Let's do a tally of what I've eaten today - just for fun:
Breakfast (I don't like typical breakfast foods) - bowl of chicken noodle soup, two chicken tenders left over from last night (all white meat), cheese stick, apple sauce, yogurt, and a Chewy granola bar
Lunch - Roasted Garlic and Chicken Pizza (yum), pineapple chunks
Afternoon Snack - chips and dip, 3 baked cheese sticks, salad
Dinner - I don't really feel like dinner, but I'm going to make it for Bill, so I might end up eating some anyway - Shrimp, rice, and broccoli...ooooh, just writing about this food made me hungry! I'd better get started on my cooking!