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Monday, January 14, 2008

New Pics and My First Food Aversion

Well, here they are! Not on the same page (they're a little uncooperative when it comes to that), but they're here! Sorry it took me so long to get the pictures posted...mind must have too much on it! They said that Baby B is a little shy, but they're measuring really close, so nothing to worry about.

First food aversion: chicken with no breading. I tried to make myself chicken soup for breakfast this morning - just like I did last week. I brought it upstairs and started putting my make-up on. I got no further than dabbing my foundation on various parts of my face than my body went into horrible spasms and started sweating like a pig. I stripped down all of my clothes and started dry-heaving over the sink (my very pretty newly installed sink). I called for Bill to bring me some crackers, so he did and made a quick exit - smart considering that no one wants someone to see them puking. I ate 1/4 of a cracker and immediately started feeling better...those things are miracles. Then I had to lay down (naked) on the bathroom floor to recover and wipe myself down! I finally got back up to finish getting ready for work and looked at myself in the mirror...nothing is more attractive than a newly pregnant woman, naked and white, sweat dripping down her face, with foundation dabbed all over her face...I looked like an Amazon warrior! Anyway, I got my shit together and made it to work in once piece and have learned that I cannot approach chicken that is not breaded (and preferably fried) anymore. Lesson learned...good thing I got to see their pictures again...a wonderful reminder as to why I'm doing all of this!