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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Okay, enough!

I wrote a post last night saying how I felt like a faker...I don't think I can say that anymore. I wore my first maternity shirt to school today. I'm truly pregnant...I'm happy about it. I look cute in maternity clothes (even though they're not my normal fitted style there are some cute ones out there). I bought underwear in size large and they kind of fit - that's never happened to me before! I sleep with a pregnancy pillow and don't know how I got along without it. Things have definitely changed for me.

I told my first student that I was pregnant. I was in my friend's office (counselor) and a student was in there - a really great girl. My friend kind of started the conversation like, "Have you noticed that Mrs. T has been eating a lot more?" The student gave this weird look, but kind of knew what we were talking about. Then my friend said, "And that's she's gained a little bit of weight?" Then my student freaked out and said, "NO WAY!" about 50 times. She was really happy, but I swore her to secrecy...can you do that with an 8th grade girl? I don't think so. I guess I'll have to let the cat out of the bag now that I'm starting to show. That's right...when you're a small girl and you're pregnant with twins, you start to show in your 9th week...lovely, isn't it?

I kind of like showing. I have always had a really flat stomach (not bragging...genetics). I kind of like feeling that I get when I look down and it's sticking out and I just can't suck it in anymore! I really like the fact that my little babies are in there!!! Okay, this post is a lot more positive than last night's. Also, I'm going to have to break out the maternity pants soon which I am totally see, I kind of have a bootie and I like to show it off a little bit...I don't know how much longer it's going to last, you know? I don't think that maternity pants will show it off very well. Oh well...c'est la vie, right?

6 more sleeps until we get to go to the doctor and see our little ones (Lil Buddy and Lil Pal) and only 2 more days of meds! That really makes me excited...I get jealous when Bill can go to bed and not take any is so easy for him unless you count the repeated food items he brings me, trips to the grocery store, revamping the budget to include the influx of food that I need, and making me PB & J sandwiches that I don't eat because "I don't feel like it." He's the best and I couldn't make it through without him...he starts class tomorrow night and I'll probably lie on the couch like an invalid until he gets home...he'll find me drooling in a pool of potato chips and lo mein! I'm so sexy!