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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Doctor's visit today

It really went well. We met with a midwife b/c everyone does when they're new at the practice. She promptly told me that I would be meeting with one of the doctors next week b/c they consider all twin pregnancies "high risk." I was fine with that...I want what is best.

Since I had a PAP in November, I didn't need one of those (yippee) and she just took a culture quickly with a swab. She also checked my breasts and organs (where they poke around your abdomen looking what God knows what). After that, she grabbed the Doppler and even though she said that we probably wouldn't hear anything, she wanted to give it a try. At first we just heard my heartbeat, but then she found one of the little ones. She moved it a fraction of an inch and had both on the Doppler at the same time! It was dueling banjos! A millisecond didn't pass without hearing one of the heartbeats. I think the midwife was more excited than we were...I guess twins is a big deal, huh? Overall, it was a great appointment.

I meet with the new doctor on Tuesday and we're going to arrange the NT scan...not b/c we're really worried about anything at this point, but because I'm a sucker for another ultrasound. That's all for now...back to the Biggest Loser - which I am not b/c I gained another pound since Friday - just packing it on! BTW - the nausea is better and I can't help but wonder if that's b/c I'm off my meds or if it's because the placenta is taking over the hormone stuff rather than my body...who knows?