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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'd like to introduce Lil Buddy and Lil Pal

As you can see, they like to keep their hands up by their faces. The twin on top definitely has a boy part, so that's nice to see...the other one it a little more modest. That's fine...we have another scan in 4 weeks that will (hopefully) allow us to see more. It's so cool that they did this for us b/c they usually don't unless you pay for it. The tech just wanted to play around and this is what we got. I love it...

Pregnancy is getting a little better...I'm not as tired and the nausea has subsided (unless I get REALLY hungry). That's a total lie...I'm still as tired, but I can make it through without a nap - I'm just not really pleasant. Oh, and this new thing started where I wake up at 4 AM...then I get to just lie there waiting for the alarm to go off at 5 AM. It's just lovely. Oh well...I am guessing this is all part of it.

I'm full time into maternity clothes at this's ridiculous to even try to get around it. I need more pants, but I think I can get that done this weekend. The flats are working out well (thank God) and I think I will be getting more of those too. The only time they don't work out too well is when it ices or snows around here...that's not pleasant. I told my Nana last night and I think she was about to fall out of her chair! She was really excited, so that made me feel good...she kept asking why I waited so long to tell her, but I just didn't want to let her down if something (God forbid) happened...she got it then. Other than that, just making it through the week. I think Bill and I may go back to Babies R Us to start registering...they don't carry the pattern we want in the car seats, strollers, and Pack and Play, so we've got to figure that out, but we will. Have a good one!