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Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring is here! (for today), maybe my moods are directly correlated with the weather. It was a balmy 66 degrees today and I am in such a better mood...I am actually enjoying pregnancy today! I like my belly (it makes my legs look skinnier) and fine with getting out of breath on our walk and then taking a nap. We went to Philly this weekend for a Christening...this is my first time traveling since I got pregnant. We got in on Saturday night, went out to dinner, and then I went straight to bed. Granted, I woke up at 4:00 (or earlier...couldn't see the clock) and then got up for good around 7:30. We proceeded to get ready, go to the Christening (a really good time) and come back to Bill's parent's house. Bill and I were exhausted, but before we fell asleep, we left for the time we got home, I was comatose. I ate (shocker) and went right to bed. Last night's sleep would have been great, but at 3:40, our floppy eared Lab shook her head and had me awake for good. Gotta love her sometimes!

Here are some things that I can't wait for:
1. Genders of the babies
2. Seeing them again (3/17)
3. Getting measured to see how far ahead I'm actually measuring - there's this girl at work who is 25 weeks and we look just about the same (I may be bigger!)
4. SPRING!!! I can't believe how my moods change with the weather. I loved today...we walked and weren't all bundled up facing whipping winds and frigid temperatures. I love the warmer weather. I even love the hot weather!
5. Spring Break!!! I only have 9 more wake ups (5 AM wake-ups are something you start to count because they are quite painful)
6. My baby showers...not because we get presents, but because I get to see everyone! It's so hard with everyone being spread out across the East Coast and me not really being able to travel...I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends and family.
7. My first pedicure! I have this thing about letting my pedicure go through the winter to see how bad it can look before I have my first "summer pedicure." Yes, it's embarrassing when I get the first one, but then I'm back on the wagon.
8. New television shows - it's no secret that I love television...I can't get enough of it. The gift of Tivo has changed my life and now I know no bounds...I know that it will decrease significantly when the babies get here, but I am enjoying it like crazy right now and I'm so glad that the writer's strike is over...not because I can get back to my shows, but because all of those people get to go back to work (yeah...sure)
9. Not having to wear a coat to work.
10. Getting back in touch with my friends from college...that is my mission for this weekend. Just a phone call...just to let them know that I still care. I need to do that!

Thanks for reading...had to get some good news in here since my Mom thought my "Rough Day" post was too rough...she suggested counseling! No need...all I needed was a dose of decent weather! Oh...I saw my first crocus today...I love that's so surprising, but Spring is on it's way!