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Saturday, March 8, 2008

One week at a time...

So, we've made it to 15 weeks! I think I'm measuring closer to a 20-23 week pregnancy, but that's completely out of my sister is making me take pictures every week, but I keep forgetting to put them online...guess that's part of the process, huh?

I am feeling a lot better. I actually woke up this morning at 7AM and was ready to get out of bed...that is until Bill offered to bring me breakfast, so I stayed in and worked on registries. I think I'm just about done with that though until we find out the sex of the bambinos! Weird thing happened last night...I was brushing my teeth and my nose started running...that's weird b/c I'm not sick and I don't usually have a runny nose. I was too lazy/tired to do anything about it though because I was in the middle of brushing my teeth...can't do both at the same time, can I? So, I spit out my toothpaste and exhale (because brushing my teeth is exhausting and makes me get out of breath at this point) and all of this blood starts pouring into the sink. I got my first nosebleed. Apparently, since I'm pumping soooo much extra blood (at least 60% more than usual), sometimes my veins and arteries run out of places to put it so it comes out in the form of a nosebleed. It's the strangest feeling though...I've never suffered from nosebleeds, but it just felt like a runny nose. I never understood why people don't know that they're starting until last night b/c it's like nothing is happening!

So, what am I going to do today? I have to get this house in better order...I have been a total slacker about putting my clothes away after they're out of the laundry...they're all folded, but I just don't want to put them away...must be a left over habit from my teenage years. It drives Bill nuts! I will work on that today. I have maternity clothes that I have borrowed that I can't wear yet, so I have to put that (and all of my regular "cute girl" clothes) away somewhere. I think I need to buy more plastic bins...that means a trip to Target - awesome! I think I'm more excited b/c I may actually make it to Target today rather than sitting on my couch all day watching television. I feel so much better...thanks a lot 2nd couldn't have come any sooner!

It's raining here, so this will be a good day for me to write lists about what to do over Spring far, I have an ultrasound, a doctor's appointment, and my friend is taking me to Buy Buy Baby in Rockville...haven't been there, but I used this store as one of my registries b/c they had the pattern we wanted for the stroller/playpen. I also want to call the hospital and get those classes set up, tour the Labor and Delivery area, and get in touch with pediatricians. I have vowed to get all of these things taken care of early in case something (knock wood) happens later on and I'm housebound (I really don't want to be)!

I'm still eating like a maniac...when Bill made me breakfast this morning, he made me 2 eggs on wheat toast with cheese and a hash brown thing in the shape of a was gone in 5 minutes. He had to come back upstairs b/c he didn't believe that I was finished already. It's insane! So, now I'll get in the shower and be hungry again...then I'll do my makeup, and struggle through drying my hair before I need to go downstairs and have another snack. Then I'll come back upstairs, catch my breath from going up the stairs, find something to wear, change (it's getting more difficult to put my socks on), and then go downstairs and eat lunch. Then I might vacuum which may make me want to take a nap, but I promised a bunch of my students and I would come and watch their play...they're so into it that I don't know if I could ignore all 200 of them repeatedly asking if I would be there! So, I'll do that and then come home and take a nap. Overall, I'm starting to feel more like myself and less like a geriatric.