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Monday, March 17, 2008

16 Week Ultrasound

So, everything went very well today. Thank GOD my cervix is normal. Both babies are holding strong with heart rates at 143 & 148. The can definitely tell that one is a boy, but the other one is still being quite modest...a little frustrating, but the tech said that she saw three lines that she considered to be labia (imagine...all of that starts out as three lines). While I'm not going to start registering for girl bedding, it is a step in the right direction! My biggest concern was the cervix though...they measured it twice, had me push/bear down, and measured it again...there was no change. Given the operations that I had when I was younger and all of those issues, I was pretty nervous, so this really put my mind at ease.

My feet are starting to grow out of my shoes (already), so I went to DSW and wasn't very successful...I bought slide on sneakers (yea...more geriatric stuff) and that was about it. Then I went to Target and came home exhausted...I think that these scans are so much more of an emotional drain than anything else. So, that was my first real day of vacation!