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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Morning Revelations

My babies may be doing this right now!

So, things are moving along...not too much to report. Here are my daily revelations:
1. I wake up and realize that I can't move without considerable effort.
2. I get into the bathroom directly after dragging my ass out of bed and look down...did I get bigger overnight? Yeah, I think so. Did I really just pee a few drops? That's unusual...
3. I get downstairs and barely make it to take Brie out, feed her (without taking a scoop for myself), and unwrap the PB & J that Bill makes for me every night...I've taken to ripping off the crust, but it's still really yummy when I'm famished.
4. I get undressed to get in the shower and realize that I have to contort my body to get my socks and PJ pants off.
5. I finish showering and realize that it now takes double the amount of lotion to cover my belly.
6. I can stand up now while getting ready...I can make it the whole time, but I usually sit down to blow dry my hair...what a winner!
7. I'm famished again...I need to get dressed...what will be comfortable? Whatever is comfortable and matches goes on my body...the shoes have to be slip-on because I can't exert the energy it will take to get any other kind of shoe on.
8. Hurry downstairs so that I can eat something while I'm making my lunch.
9. Launch myself into the car - I'm no longer bouncy like I used to be...I have to edge one ass-cheek onto the seat and slide the rest of my body onto the's very hot!
10. Eat on the way to school.
11. Walk into the building and lose all breath on the way in.
12. Get into my classroom (barely) and catch my breath.
13. Get a snack to eat while I'm on bus duty.

I think I'll leave it at that for now...the mornings are the most eventful time of the day, but not all that I go through. All in all, I am loving being pregnant. It's frustrating not to be able to move like I used to, but it's really cool to know why that's happening. I snuggle with them at night and really enjoy looking down at my belly for the rest of the day. I am still of the belief that it is a boy and a girl, but we'll know more on April 7th. Bill has made me promise not to buy anything until after that scan. I booked our childbirth class and the tour of labor and delivery. I hesitate doing those things this early, but if I don't, I'm afraid that there won't be room in the classes or time in my life! I really want to get this stuff taken care of in the second trimester so that I can just lie back and get through the third! I still get nervous that I'm not feeling that as much as I think I should, but the average time of feeling the movement is 20 weeks and I'll be 18 tomorrow...why rush it? Peace of mind I guess...the movement may actually prove that they're okay? I don't know. That's all for now...Happy Birthday Manda! I didn't buy you a card yet, but I will...I think!