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Saturday, March 29, 2008

18 weeks = 4.5 months

Okay, so we're plugging along. I can't lie anymore...this pregnancy stuff is HARD! I can't move like I used to...I have to roll over like an invalid and then hoist myself off of whatever I have become ingrained in. Now that I'm over 150 pounds (never thought I'd say that), I leave a huge divot in whatever I seems to be sitting on/lying on. I have never been a "big" girl and I don't know how people do it. I can't breathe right, move right, or get into my car without looking like an idiot! This reaffirms the belief that I have always held that I don't want to be's too hard! At least now I know that I'm doing it for a purpose (a really good one...okay, two really good ones), but I don't think I could let myself get like this without a really good reason.

It's my birthday weekend. I went to a school event last night called Midnight's this event to raise money for the American Cancer Society and the kids play basketball until's a great event, but I don't know how the facilitators do it. It's exhausting! They have this special game with a team called Team USA and that team is comprised of kids with special needs (autism, Downs, and motor issues) in conjunction with "regular" kids who help them set up shots and things like that. It is one of the most rewarding things to watch and I love it every year. This is one of the things I will miss about not going back to teaching. That, and I will also miss the kids being glad to see me, talking to me, laughing together, and actually learning. I really love my job and being able to say that when you're dealing with a bunch of hormonal and confused 8th graders is a huge thing in my opinion. It's a tough age, but I have somehow gravitated to it and I love it. I will miss it very, there...I've said it...I'm not going back next year. Oh, and by the time I got home from this event last night, my feet were totally swelled. This is the first time that I've noticed it, but this is also the longest day that I've had in a while...they looked gross (at least I have a pedi) and I hated it. I guess it's par for the course though...I really hated it.

I've been having trouble sleeping hips have been hurting a lot and I've been waking up on my back (which is a no-no at this point) with a huge headache. It goes away as soon as I make it back over on my side (no easy feat!), but I'm awake then. Bill made me breakfast in bed this morning...two eggs (cooked all the way through of course) on toast with cheese, a hash brown, strawberries with whipped cream, and orange juice...YUMMY! Now I'm just lying in bed imploring myself to get out of it while Bill goes grocery shopping. We're going over to our contractor's showroom today to look at samples of siding, roofing, and windows. I think I'm going to find this to be an interminable bore, but then again, if I don't like it, we'll never hear the end of it. I just have to suck it up and give my two cents. Bill keeps asking me where I want to go for dinner for my birthday. I really don't know if I even want to go out for my birthday. One of my favorite parts of going out to dinner was ordering things that I can't make for myself (raw oysters, calamari, etc) and a glass or two of wine. I can't do a lot of that now because of the bambinos! So, is it even worth going out when I know that I'll just be exhausted and grumpy and sober? I don't know...we might just order in some sushi (cooked of course).

The good news? My feet are back to normal this morning...they don't look like sausages any more. I don't think I'm gaining any weight in my face yet (knock wood). I am still fitting into all of my maternity clothes...some are a little tight already, but I can handle that. I'm just not buying anything in cotton...all polyester...yeah, I'm hot! I need STRETCHY! My toes still look great from my pedi - ah, do such a nice job. My friends and family are going way out of their ways to plan great showers for me. Not that I know much about them, but Bill got off the phone with my friend the other day (of course refusing to tell me anything) and all he said was, "let's just put it this have a lot of friends who really love you." Who couldn't be happy after that?