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Sunday, April 6, 2008

19 Weeks - still going strong

So, at 19 weeks, there's not a whole lot to report. Things are moving along well...I'm still growing - on a daily basis! There are some nights that I try to roll over and I feel like a turtle stuck in the middle of the road...just flailing my arms and legs until I get my shit together! I can tell that I'm gaining weight in my face. I just found a scrapbook from last Christmas and I was like, "Oh, I look pretty...look at my's so skinny!" That was a little horrifying, but I knew I was gaining weight in my face...odd as this may sound, I could feel it. I knew my cheeks were bigger and I just knew...didn't need pictures to tell me. Feet are swelling at the end of the day (yuch)! I have had the most miserable cold this week and now realize how much I really enjoy medicine...where are my Day.Quil and Ny.Quil when I need them? Oh, right, the bambinos can't endure those sorts of things. So, I just suffered. It's amazing what you'll do when you've waited this long to have babies. I have been feeling more flutters, but nothing too intense. It kind of feels like when you make popcorn in a skillet...the kernels popping up and hitting the lid...that's what I'm's cool!

We're really getting things moving around the house...Bill ripped apart the 1/2 bathroom Friday and yesterday. He ripped out the sink, vanity, medicine cabinet, and all of the sheet rock. It looks so much better with everything ripped out...the old decoration was purple violets all over the walls (wallpaper) with a green plaid on the bottom half - who does that? All of the fixtures were brass too...not our style! We found out how cheaply our house had been built at that point. Instead of using metal sheething for the air vents, they just closed them up with sheetrock...thanks for going that extra mile guys! We also found this gross Pepsi Free can - must be from 1987 when the house was built. That was freaky! A lot of crap that I have been wanting to clean up and clean out got done yesterday and we're going to BRU to get our furniture today.

We have our anatomy scan on Monday (tomorrow!) at 1:45. Bill said that after my suspicions about a boy and a girl are confirmed, I can run right over and get the bedding. I have issues...I just want it in the house! I just hope it looks good...if not, no worries. It's not like the babies will remember anyway, right? I didn't want to get anything too theme-y and our house is pretty plain...we're not pattern-y people, so we're going with a jj cole design (which has patterns all over it...why did I write that we're not pattern-y people? We're less theme-y people than pattern-y). They have really cute stuff for boys and girls. Once I get the furniture and put it all together, I'll post a picture. I also want to get those names to hang on the wall, so I have to keep my eye out for those. I think I have a friend who has a friend who owns a shop that makes them custom made. I have to get that together. That's all for now...hope all is well!