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Monday, April 7, 2008


We are going to have a boy and a girl!!! This is so exciting...there are a lot of things that I'm excited about. First, we're having a boy and a girl!!! Second, I was right...I may not have blogged about this, but a couple of nights after the transfer, I had this dream that two embryos were burrowing their way into my uterine lining and one was pink and one was blue. They were fighting about who was going to get in there the deepest and stuff like this...I knew right then that I was pregnant and what we were having...weird, right? Plus, Bill and I had a bet that whoever was right got to decorate the kitchen when we do it next year...I win! Third, I'm excited because they are totally healthy. They are growing at the same rate (11 oz. and 10 oz.), all of the organs and bones are measuring correctly, and they are moving around like crazy. The boy looks like he's sitting on the girl's head and kicking her in the kids are already being so well-behaved! We also got the results of our screens back and we're at a 1:7000 risk for Downs and a 1:>10000 for Trisomy 18. This is really good! So, things are great and we have names...they will be named Matthew Gledhill and Hailey Marie. Now, I just sit back and let nature take its course...that's a new one for me!

Oh, one more major concern with this pregnancy (aside from the norm) is my cervix b/c I had those surgeries when I was younger and it's fine...they like to see 3 cm and I'm measuring at an average of 3.9 cm. That's all for now...time to go feed my face!