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Monday, April 14, 2008

20 Weeks - Can I call that 5 months? It sounds so impressive!

Okay, so these are a little hard to read (they get bigger if you click on them for my technologically challenged readers!), but I figured I would stop slacking and put them up anyway. Baby A is Matthew and Baby B is Hailey and if you can look really carefully at the pictures to the left and above, you can tell that Matthew has his butt on Hailey's head! She's just kind of taking it and covering her face/ears, but I do feel badly for her. The one at the right (above) is Matthew covering his ears...they're so cute! The cord you see at the left is not an umbilical cord, but it's part of the membrane that separates the two's very flexible and thin, but extremely strong as Matthew continues to try to kick Hailey in the head and stomach...nice guy, huh? We have a ton more, but these were the coolest in my opinion.

New things I'm learning about pregnancy:
1. When I used to say "I have nothing to wear," that was just a big fat I REALLY have nothing to wear. I love the warmer don't have to fuss with socks or scarves or anything, but I am definitely lacking in the maternity clothing area. So, I went to Old Navy this weekend b/c I have a gift card (thanks Manda) and they have cute things...I went in and all they had in terms of a Maternity section was all of this crappy clothing on, no new items! I tried a few things on and couldn't fit into anything and almost started crying, but held my emotions in check telling myself that this place sucked! Then I went to Kohl's and they saved my life...not only did they help me to realize that I am now a Large in bottoms (thanks a lot...see ya later size 4), but they had a lot of really cute stuff out for Spring that actually coordinates. They carry a line from Motherhood Maternity that fits me great. So I spent a shit load of money (not as much as if I had gone to a real maternity store though) and came home with 17 great items! Then I proceeded to order things from Old Navy online and Gap I should be complete with my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I will continue to fit into Large bottoms and not have to go to the dreaded XL!
2. TMI alert - shaving my bikini line is a real adventure these days...I can't see anything! I am really hoping that I don't get rid of something that I need down there b/c I am flying blind!
3. I can't do much...Saturday morning, I had breakfast with some friends, went shopping, and then I was done for the day. I spent the rest of the day/night on the couch! How lame!!! I know it's the best for the baby, but come on! Can I really be this boring already!
4. I am sick of eating!
5. I have hit a weight and I have never hit before...I've never even come close. I'm not anxious about it or upset...I think it's funny (which shows how demented I actually am). I am now weighing in at 160.6 pounds!!! That means that I've put on about 30 pounds at my half-way mark of the pregnancy...that could also mean that I could put on about 60 by the end! Oh well...that's the way it goes...I'd rather have nice fat babies and have to work harder to get the weight off than struggle to put weight on and possibly hinder my babies when they are born. The funniest part is that the babies only weight 10 and 11 ounces...where is the rest of that 30 pounds coming from???

That's all for now...hope all is well with everyone and more to come soon!