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Friday, April 18, 2008

21 Weeks...large and in charge

Things I have learned this week about pregnancy:
1. I hate cankles on myself even more than I hate them on other people.
2. They don't make maternity clothes for short people. I think they purposefully make them to make short people look ridiculous. All of the capris that I got from Kohl's are long (like cropped pants which I can't stand b/c what are they? Pants or capris...I need definition!). They make me look like a midget.
3. There in only a fist's distance between my stomach and the steering wheel...will I still be driving when I'm full term?
4. Sciatica sucks!!! I have been having issues this week with shooting pains in my thigh (left only thank God)...when I say shooting, I actually mean that it feels like I'm being shot - with an Uzi! I have never felt pain like this and you never know when it's going to happen...there's no just comes on with no warning. It also happens in the middle of the night which causes me to wake up screaming in pain. It is getting a little better, but if it sticks around, I think I'll have to start PT or see a chiropractor...chiropractors scare the shit out of me b/c they make things crack...weird, right? I'm also having pain when I get in and out of my car - I think it's too high for me. I'm starting to wonder if pregnancy is easier for tall people!
5. I am truly growing by the day. I think that Bill and I are going to start measuring my circumference every day b/c I really think we'll see it.
6. I like my new maternity clothes even though they make me look like a midget...they're very spring-y and make me feel good...either that or it's the weather.
7. Being pregnant really puts other things (work, family, house, etc) into perspective. I don't have very many problems with my family or even my house, but work can be stressing. I have found that things have become very cut and dry for me. I don't spend extra time on stupid things b/c it's just not worth my effort. If someone is wondering about something, I am encouraging them to do directly to the source. I am speaking up (diplomatically) about things that I do not agree with. It's not that I didn't do this before (believe me, I did), but it's more about the way that I'm going about it. I am focusing on the points that either do or do not make sense rather than looking at all of the fluff. So many people get wrapped up in the issues that surround other issues that they lose focus on the original issue...I am refusing to allow myself that "luxury" anymore and wonder why I ever did.
8. I wish I lived closer to my family. Not only would I love to share all of this with them more directly, but I could really use the company (and the help sometimes)!
9. We got a new video camera today...I am scared out of my mind to use it b/c I don't think I'll like seeing myself on video. I remember watching my wedding video and realizing all of the stuff that I want to stop doing...primarily dancing in public! I'm a horrible dancer and I will keep that in mind the next time I see a video camera in my sights. Actually, it is pretty funny to watch me dance and my belly are ridiculous makes me laugh.
10. Even though I know I'm going to regret saying this when it's 101 degrees out this summer...I love the warm weather! It's 83 degrees right now and I couldn't be's beautiful outside. I hope I can enjoy it this spring by going outside, but I hate to watch Bill work when I'm just sitting there...what a lame-o!

That's all for to put my feet up!