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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shower in NY

So, this weekend was my shower at my Mom's house. It was hosted by my mother and my sister and it was great! I'll try to get all the details in, but unless you really know me, this could be boring - hell, it may be boring anyway!

The trip up to NY - brutal...we stopped often for me to get out and stretch my legs/hips. I also needed to eat and pee a lot. I guess those are both pregnancy side effects that I just can't get away from. By the end of the trip (6 hours), I was exhausted, in constant pain in my hips, and starving (again)! Thank God for a good night's sleep. My sister and her husband got in a little later than us and she was excited to see me and my gigantic "bump." She is also happy to be considered the "little one" now!

Saturday - day of the shower - Everyone was busy getting ready, picking things up, and accepting deliveries. I had no idea that they had gone to so much trouble for my shower, but they did! There were quiches and salads to eat. The party favors were these great cookies from some company (I can't remember the name - Cookie Company?) and they were in the shape of rattles, carriages, feet, and something else (I can't remember what it was!). There were balloons, banners, and cute plates/cups/napkins as well as a great cake. My sister went out of her way to make one of those awesome diaper was so cute! I hated to take it apart, but I'm going to need those diapers! Everyone started getting there and it was a little overwhelming...I'm not good at being the center of attention unless I put myself there, so I'm always a little hesitant at first. Once we started opening gifts, I loosened up and started cracking jokes. Bill got a lot of it on our new video camera - another toy for him to love. People were so incredibly generous and really blew my mind. I had to keep reminding myself that many of these people (family and Mom's friends) knew about what we had been going through and were just as happy that we found success as we were. I sometimes forget that as difficult as this IF crap is on the woman, it does effect her family/friends b/c those are the people who listen and pray right along with us. So, the gifts were great...not going into too many details, because it's the normal stuff and I'm in the process of writing thank-yous...that's difficult b/c I want to make each one personal, but my hands hurt from writing so much! I just can't believe how great everyone was and how much they love me and's a great feeling.

Saturday night - after the shower - my Mom's family hung around for a while and we laughed and had a great time. I didn't feel tired - probably on some sort of a "high," so I hung out too and really enjoyed being able to spend time with my aunts and cousins. It's tough at many family events because you are so rushed and don't really get to just hang we did just that. There was an incident with a rogue mouse in my mother's house (which my Aunt Karen killed - gross and unbelievable) which had us all hysterical b/c we just couldn't believe it was happening! After that, sad to say, I clogged the toilet and that sent everyone into another round of hysterics...what can I say? These pregnancy poops are vicious sometimes! We ordered pizza and ate our faces off and then my aunts and cousins had to go to the hotel and check in. Everyone was exhausted from driving and laughing! So, they go to the hotel and it's me, Bill, my sister and her husband in the house. I kept hearing this noise (I have wicked hearing), but I was dismissing it as just being in someone else's house and not being used to the sounds...all of the sudden, I opened up the basement door (the newly refinished basement) and hear water pouring out of somewhere - not a good sound. We all run downstairs and realize that the pipe from the washing machine is overflowing and every time that someone runs the water or flushes, it overflows even more. We keep trying to get in touch with my Mom to find out what to do, but she has left her cell phone in the car while hanging out with my aunts!!! We called the hotel like a million times and finally got the right room...she came right home and we ended up waiting until 12:30 for a plumber to show up. It was a main line clog and apparently everyone thought that my early mishap caused it, but I don't agree...either way, it was a night to remember. I can't believe that I was still awake, but I slept like a baby.

Sunday - woke up in a total aunts are coming over for breakfast at 9:00...what time did I wake up? 8:47. hair looked like crap and I didn't care and my belly was totally sticking out of the bottom of my PJ's and again, I didn't care. We ate breakfast and they took off. I was supposed to go to see my Dad, but with such a long trip ahead of us and me being that exhausted, I had to bag it (which made me feel bad even though he told me not to...I did). There is a lot of guilt going on in the next few weekends b/c I am missing my sister's graduation from NP school and my brother's graduation from UNC. I really want to be at both, but the traveling is just too much for my body! Anyway, I'm sure that my Dad will be down here enough in the next few months...I'll need him! We drove back and had a much better trip...there was less traffic. We were zombies by the time we got home, but it was nice to be home again. Then we had to lug all of our new stuff into the babies' room! It's crazy how much stuff we got!

And that's it! My weekend was great...I'm glad that we have almost cut off traveling b/c it is really difficult on my body. Maybe I'm being a wimp, but I have to keep myself sane and healthy...nothing wimpy about that! Thanks for reading all of this if you made it to the end!