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Saturday, May 3, 2008

23 Weeks - some great milestones

Just as I think I can't stand this largeness anymore, I started to receive some rewards! I had two big milestones this week:

1. I was sitting on the "potty" one afternoon and I noticed that my belly was strangely sticking out on the right side. So, I pushed it...guess what happened? It pushed me back! This happened twice on Thursday and once cool! They're actually starting to react to things that I it!

2. I was sitting in the couch elevating my extremely swollen feet yesterday (did you know that you're actually supposed to keep moving to avoid swollen feet? I had no idea...stop laughing at's my first time!). I was also eating snacks (what else is new), so the babies were reacting to them pretty strongly. So, I pulled up my shirt (not my usual antics) and realized that I could actually see them moving under my skin. It was great...I started to cry b/c they're really in there! They are living beings in my body and they react directly to anything that I do! It was the coolest thing ever.

I have been having difficulty trying to find new/good things to eat. I am going to find this twins book that I buried a few months ago (when I went on my book diet b/c all of the books were freaking me out) and try to come up with some ideas to get me through this pregnancy as close to full term as possible. I know that being out of work for the summer will be a huge help!

Sleeping is going okay...the sciatica is still acting up, but not nearly as badly. I don't know if the heating pad helped or if one of the babies moved off of the nerve. I still can't lie on my left side while I sleep b/c I wake up in immense pain, but I can sleep in my right side and on my back (as long as my head is elevated). I probably wake up 1-2 times a night b/c my hips hurt so bad from lying in one position. The leg cramps are coming and going...eating bananas is helping as well as slow/subtle movements when I try to stretch. I don't know if I ever actually hit REM sleep b/c I'm so conscious of all of this, but who cares? I may never hit REM sleep again!

Not being able to take anything for my allergies sucks, but what am I going to do? We went for a walk yesterday...these have become an adventure...our neighborhood is kind of hilly, so walking is difficult for me. I just need to sit down in the middle of our walks to rest my hip (my right hip...the one that I had trouble with as a baby...what that? I never told you that story? I was born with my right hip socket not fully developed and had to be in a 1/2 body cast as well as traction for about 6 months as a baby...I've never felt any issues because of this until I got pregnant). Yesterday a guy that we met through walking around his neighborhood actually stopped mowing his lawn to ask if we wanted him to drive me back up the was so embarrassing! It was cool though to know that people would help me if I got into a jam...I could see it happening, but I would be mortified.

School is gearing up for the end of the year (only 6 weeks left!!!). This time of year gets stressful for the 8th grade team b/c we have so many things to do, but it's all fun. I have taken a bunch of days off so that I can maintain my sanity and my health. Those 5 day weeks are for the birds! I am taking of at least a day a week until the end of the year. This was mostly at Bill's suggestion, but it does make a lot of sense. I just need those down days! Bill only has 2 more classes left on his MBA and then he's finished forever! He's working on the 1/2 bath this weekend (what else is new?) and his parents are coming in tomorrow to help put in cement board. I was promised a toilet on the main floor by May 17th...I marked my calendar! That's all for will be filled with picking out tiles for the 1/2 bath, going to BJs, working on schoolwork, and trying to get the laundry finished in one day...wish me luck with that's been months since that's happened. TTYL!