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Saturday, May 10, 2008

24 weeks - still growing - all of us!

Okay, so I've passed the 165 mark...I weighed in at 167.5 on Monday. We had another scan and Matthew and Hailey are doing very well. They finished the anatomy scan and just let us see them for a little while. The genders were confirmed again, so that relieved me since we have so much boy/girl stuff for them. That would have been embarrassing to tell people that we named one of our sons Hailey b/c the ultrasound tech made a mistake and we stuck with it b/c someone already bought us the personalized towels!!!

What I have learned about being pregnant this week:
1. When you're pregnant and you have allergies, you may think you're shit out of luck, but you're not. You can take Clari.tin. Thanks to my friend Jenny (who is nursing, so knows everything I don't)...she told me, I called the doctor and they were great. I am no longer suffering through the "worst allergy season in Maryland."
2. Being big is hard. I'm nowhere near where I'll be when I actually deliver these two babies, but now I get why it's so hard for overweight people to work out. You don't even want to move b/c it's hard and everything hurts! My feet, back, legs, arms, belly...everything! It's just harder and I'm sounding like a bitchy whiny little girl. Oh well!
3. Once the babies start moving around more, the sciatica gets better...I think one of them must have moved off of the nerve, but it's been much better. I still can't spend a lot of time on my left side, but I can sleep on my right side and partially sitting up. That's interesting...I'll wake up in the middle of the night sitting up and not remember how I got there.
4. I am not as big as many of my friends were at the END of their pregnancies! I have a little under 16 weeks to go!!! It will be very interesting to see how I actually turn out.
5. I love to feel the babies kick. I can tell (for the most part) whose kicks are whose based on where they are. Hailey is on my right side with her head up by my ribs (can't feel that yet...thank God). Matthew has his head down near my cervix and he's all bent in half. It's like he's my own personal yogi doing all of his poses down there. Maybe that means that he'll be a very centered young man - I can dream, can't I!?!

This weekend holds two huge events. My brother Adam is graduating from UNC and I can't be there...I couldn't make that trip much less walking all over the campus of UNC to get to the different graduation ceremonies. It's going to be huge and I really wanted to be there, but I know it's not the best thing for me. He was great about it and totally understood, but the sisterly guilt is still there! My sister and her husband went down and they took my brother to the Kanye West concert last night and I was soooo jealous! They kept texting me last night and I was too jealous at one point to text back, so I went to bed. I know that I would have never made it through the concert, but still...I wanna go! Yes, that's my whiny and bitchy self coming out again! The other event is my shower in Philly...not only will I see Bill's family this weekend (really looking forward to that), but it will be my last traveling experience for a while. I'm done after this b/c I just can't handle it. I'm taking off on Monday to recover, so hopefully I'll remember to update when we get back. I'm usually a total zombie after a trip, but this one is nowhere near as long as the trip to NY.

That's all I have for 24 weeks. Bill got me a Mother's Day gift (so sweet) and made me breakfast this morning. He's the best. He only has 2 more classes left for his MBA!!! This has been a long time coming and I'm so proud of him for sticking to it...I think I would have quit a long time ago, but he has really persevered. He's not walking for his graduation, but I need suggestions on nice things I could do for the tech-y boy who has everything and wants nothing who is also turning 30 this year. I would throw a party, but I may pass out in the middle of it! So, suggestions are more than welcome...he's so hard to buy for! Have a good weekend everyone!

Things I forgot to mention: The babies' heartrates are exactly the same at 155. Hailey is weighing in at 1 pound 5 ounces and Matthew is at 1 pound 7 ounces. Okay, so where did the other 30 pounds come from...suspicious!