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Friday, May 16, 2008

25 weeks - random thoughts

So, I'm now 25 weeks...who woulda thunk it? I'm actually making it through this! Here are this week's observations and then I have some random thoughts that I've had to get off my chest for a while.

1. The babies are rolling around like crazy. I can actually feel body parts (I have no idea what they are...a foot? a knee? Who knows?), but it's really cool. I was really busy yesterday, so I didn't feel them at the normal times, but around 9:30 PM, I muted the TV, ate some cookies (they love sweet things), and they started up again. I got a little nervous b/c I want to feel them moving, but I was really busy today and they were probably sleeping the whole time!
2. This morning I woke up and they were going nuts for about 10-15 minutes...I think they were hungry (thanks to Bill for breakfast in bed...egg sandwich, watermelon, and my iron...what could be better?)! They were both moving around like crazy and I felt actual body parts's kind of freaky, but I love it!
3. I am growing out of the size Large capris that I bought two freaking weeks ago! I don't know what to do!!! I need to go shopping (again) since I have 3.5 months left and I should probably be clothed for most of that time!
4. I am getting much better at drinking my share of water. I like bubbly water right now, so that's helping, but I'm getting 2 liters per day right now. I am proud of myself.
5. We're getting the baby furniture today or tomorrow...Javier keeps calling me to give me delivery options. He offered to put the cribs together and I thought, Oh, what a nice man! Then the realistic part of my brain clicked on and said nothing is's $60 per crib! I don't think so! Plus, Bill is looking forward to doing it, so who am I to argue? I'm excited to start seeing everything come together.

Random thoughts:
1. I hate car commercials and I have for a long time. They're so loud, pointless, stupid, and annoying. Every single time one comes on, I turn the channel or mute it. The worst thing is when I'm in the middle of a great nap and one wakes me up. It prompts me to go to the dealer and punch someone in the face b/c there is just no need for all of that hoopla! The only reason I don't is that I'm too freaking big and lazy!!! Plus, I would probably get arrested and have to sit in jail and I don't think they'd give me the array of pillows that I need to rest comfortably.
2. I really want to hire someone to put my clothes away. Now that we have so much crap around the house, there are less places for me to pile my clothes and I'm at a loss. I really don't want to put them away. I have issues, don't I?
3. I can't believe that the New Kids on the Block are getting back together. More than that, I can't believe that women are still going nuts for them. They're performing on the Today Show this morning and I can't wait to see it. Sadistically, I really want them to suck and everyone be disappointed. That way the tour will never take off and all of this hype will be for naught. I seriously have issues!
4. I teach a girl whose father died this week from pancreatic cancer. He was a very popular coach in the community and so many of our students had literally grown up with him. He seemed like a great guy and was fighting the cancer for so long. I went to the viewing last night and was so proud of how my students are acting. I saw current and past students and they're all being so good to each other. When someone is such a huge part of so many people's lives, everyone mourns...the daughters of this man almost seem to be supporting some of their friends. I wonder if a lot of this wasn't more of a reality to the daughters than outsiders since they saw it in their own house. He told the kids that he wouldn't let the cancer beat him and they held onto that like crazy! They believed it b/c they wanted to, they didn't know any better, and this is their first experience with death. Having lost several people in my life to cancer, I wonder why we can't do more. It's such a tragedy, but I have to use this opportunity to commend Hospice care. They are amazing and take care of things that I couldn't imagine. Even their literature is very realistic and informative. I give the people who work for Hospice all the credit in the world...I don't know if I could do it.

That's all for this week...Oh, weight check! I'm up to 171 pounds. We went to the doctor on Monday afternoon and she's not too worried about the gestational diabetes at this point...she kind of laughed it off, so I'm fine with that. We're going to start going every 2 weeks from this point on and they're checking my cervix again this coming Monday...nothing is wrong at this point, but they want to keep a really close eye on it. I'm happy with that! I'm planning on working through the end of school, but our school year gets crazy at this point. Thank God my team is trying to keep as much off of my plate at this point which I appreciate more than they know. I ask about something and it's already done! What could be better than that? The last thing I want to mention is that Bill is now (almost) finished with school...last night was his last drive to Baltimore and now he just needs to complete a final and he's finished with his MBA!!! he's so smart! Congratulations baby and sorry I can't give you a proper graduation/30th birthday party...I'll do it next year? LAME! Thanks for listening!