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Saturday, May 24, 2008

26 Weeks - What I can't take at this point is cold weather!!!

So, it was cold this week...not just like oh, it's in the 60's, but we're talking 40's. I don't fit into my shoes or my pants!!! Ridiculous! It was an interesting week in which I wore my jeans 3 times...yeah, I'm not gross, right? I'm just desperate! Now it's starting to get warmer again and I'll actually be able to tell which capris I still fit into - that's right...I bought them like 3 weeks ago...they're size large, but I may not fit into them...they're so tight around the waist! We'll see...I may have a try-on extravaganza this weekend and collapse in a puddle of tears! Oh wait...I shouldn't collapse b/c I won't be able to get back off the ground! Okay, here's what's new:

1. I am now going to be seen by my doctor every week...they really want to keep an eye on everything and make sure that the babies are developing at the same rate. That seems to be what they're most concerned about now.
2. They're checking my cervix every 2 weeks now until I hit week 28 and then it's just ultrasounds to check baby growth. I went in on Monday and the average length of my cervix was 3.5 - they want at least 3 (centimeters, I think). So, all is good down there...I still get nervous b/c I've had some surgeries, so it's nice to know that all is working out!
3. My weight is 174, so I've officially gained 40 pounds with this pregnancy. From what I've read, I'm right on target for weight gain. Everyone tells me that I'm carrying straight out, but I've noticed some "fat pockets" on my inner thighs and upper's so HOT!!! I don't really mind though b/c I've read that you need fat stores to do well with breastfeeding.
4. I am going to try very hard to nurse both of the babies for the first 6 weeks. I know it is going to be hard, but I've thought a lot about this...I just think it will be the best for both babies. Originally, I was going to try to do one on boob and one on bottle (formula) and then switch it up after that, but I really think that this will be better for the babies. We'll see if I can do it...I am determined and I'm going to crack and spine on my La Lache book for multiples. Until now, I've just looked at the pictures which is intimidating enough! However, I really should know what I'm doing before I try this. I know that so many women before me have done it, so it is possible, but it will be hard!
5. The babies are doing well...they're flipping all around and definitely have days that they're more active and less active. I get really nervous on the less active days and eat lots of ice pops trying to get them going...I don't know if that's the right thing to do, but it works sometimes. They really like when I lie in bed in the morning so that I can actually watch them flopping all over the place! I was dying to wake Bill up this morning to see the motion in the ocean, but I couldn't...he's been working so hard that the last thing I was to do is cause him less sleep. It was cool though!
6. I must look like I'm just about full term b/c strangers keep asking me when I'm due...they look at me in shock when I explain that my due date is September 1 and that I still have several months to go! I think that I'm going to go 10 more weeks...Bill thinks that I'll go 12 more weeks. We'll see! My gut feelings haven't been wrong yet, so I'm banking on that record!
7. I only have 3 weeks of school left!!! I'm so excited that I made it all the way through. I have been taking some days off and one of my classes is getting screwed b/c it always happens on the days that I have them, but they'll be alright. I just can't help it. I've realized that for the majority of the day, I'm in's just hard carrying a sudden 40 pounds around and my body is definitely paying for it. Sleeping is getting more difficult b/c of my hips and sciatica (that's's still not gone! It keeps coming back like roaches!!!), but I think that I'm so tired that I just sleep through it all and suffer when I wake up. Thursday after my high school assessments, we were able to come home early. So, I got Taco Bell (a little reward to myself) and fell asleep for 1.5 hours...must have been tired). Yesterday, I took the day off and hung out with two of my friends who stay at home with their's freaking exhausting! There is always something going on and they can never, they hear things that I would never hear. People tell me it will be different with my own kids, but they're like superheros! Anyway, by the time I got home, I dragged myself through eating lunch and then fell asleep for another 1.5 hours! How do they do it???

That's really all for now. Bill and his Dad are working on the 1/2 bath downstairs to install the flooring, toilet (thank GOD), and vanity/sink. I will be very happy to have a toilet on the main floor for those times that I rush into the house just knowing that I won't make it and may pee my pants. We're getting new siding the windows next week and we're also expecting a delivery from the furniture store with a new dining set and recliner for the babies' room. I'm really excited to get all of this stuff done b/c within a week, my house will be the bomb...what could be better??? After that, the only project that Bill wants to get done is the basement...all we need to do down there is new carpet, paint and light fixtures...I think that he's going to want to redo the drop ceiling (always a good look), but we'll see how the time works out. The good thing about getting all of this done is that we won't have to worry about it by the time the babies get here! I truly don't know what "normal" people do on the weekends because since we've moved in here, we've been working on different projects...what do you people do anyway?