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Saturday, June 14, 2008

29 Weeks and I'm Done with School!!!

Okay, so maybe I have bittersweet feelings about leaving school. I am glad that the year is over b/c I am totally exhausted. I am done dealing with parents who think that their child is the shit and students who think they're entitled to everything in the world, but they're not going to work for it. On the other hand, my class this year was awesome!!! I loved them and they were just the most thoughtful and funny group that I have had since I started teaching. I will miss them a lot! I am also going to miss a lot of my co-workers. We found out that our principal got transferred to another school...that was a surprise, but I could have dealt with that. There is also a huge amount of guilt for leaving b/c with me leaving, it creates another dynamic that my co-workers need to deal with. I know that if I were staying, a sense of stability would be maintained and my team has truly started to look to me to be their voice on a lot of different fronts. I will miss feeling important to them. I have become really close to one of the counselors this year too and she is having a hard time with me and our principal leaving...I just feel horrible. I love this girl and don't want her to be upset, but I know she'll be fine and I'll probably be jealous b/c she finds another person to be friends with - you know that weird "friend jealousy?" It always freaks me out! I always feel like a lesbian for some reason! I know...I have issues.

Pregnancy news:
  • I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. I am sooo pissed! That means that I need to follow this special diet for 3 days (which looks just like what I fucking eat every single day, so what's the point?), go in on Tuesday at 7:30 in the morning (fasting - how the hell am I going to do this?), and get my blood drawn every three hours. I cannot drink (seriously?) or eat for 3 hours. I just don't think this is healthy for a woman 29 weeks pregnant with twins! How could it be? Two of the most important things for my babies, eating and drinking on a regular schedule, are being taken away from me. Thanks a lot...can you tell that I'm bitter? The only real change from what I'm eating right now seems to be a potato with dinner...big whoop.
  • It is getting really hard to move. Every single time I want to roll over during the night, I wake up. Fortunately, I have been falling right back to sleep, but it's still unnerving to think that I might get stuck on my back like a turtle!
  • The babies are getting big and are starting to stick out of my stomach in weird formations. Sometimes I think I have two butts sticking right out of them keeps putting their knee/leg right where my belly button is so it sticks out like a nipple on a teat! It's hysterical!
  • Moving in general is a feat. When I get up in the morning, not only does my back hurt now, but my knees and ankles...I am assuming this is related to extra weight and lack of movement, but it still sucks. I keep wanting to go for walks with Bill and Brie (our dog), but it's really been too hot for me to make it through. The weather should break this week, so I'm hoping that I can get out there and do stuff.
  • My iron was still a little low for the doctors, so now I'm on three SlowFE pills a day. As far as I'm concerned, I either worked too hard this week, or the pills aren't really giving me more energy as they should b/c I'm still exhausted.
  • I got all of my thank you cards finished for my shower from school. Everyone was so generous and I can't believe that we're almost set for these babies. There are a few more things that we need, but we'll get them...I'm not worried. My sister and Mom are coming the end of June (I think) and my Dad will be here the beginning of July, so I think I have enough help coming in to get everything done.
That's really all for now. Since I'm off school, I intend on putting my clothes away (the bain of my existence), getting all of the things that I brought home from school organized and put away, washing all of the baby stuff that I've gotten since the beginning of June, trying to keep up with the housework (more out of boredom than necessity b/c Bill is doing a great job), catching up on some reading (any suggestions?), and emptying my inboxes again...I can't seem to keep up with my emails lately! Happy Father's Day to everyone...especially my Dad!