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Saturday, June 21, 2008

30 Weeks - Holy Shit...Thank God I'm done with work!

So, this week was eventful to say the least. I'm so happy that I made it to 30 weeks...every week that I can get through is so much better for the babies. I remember starting out just hoping that I would make it to a "safe place" in my pregnancy and now I'm there...I'm still freaking out every day for different reasons, but at least now, I know that they'll be okay if they come. It wouldn't be ideal, but they could survive and that's all that matters now.

Speaking of the babies, they are moving around and rolling around like crazy! This is definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. Bill and I love to lie in bed in the morning and just watch them put on their own little carnival show! They are very active in the morning and it's just hysterical. We felt Hailey have the hiccups for the first time this was so cool! Matthew is definitely more abrupt with his movements...he's a puncher and a kicker. Hailey is more delicate and just stretches out and makes her moves that way. It's really great.

Events from my 30th week:
  • Gestational Diabetes Test (3 hour) - Tuesday - failed...need to see a dietician and diabetes specialist.
  • Doctor's appointment - Tuesday - weighing in at 179 pounds and blood pressure is fine. We talked a little bit about my cervix and the doctor doesn't seem concerned at this point. I forgot to mention to her my pelvic pressure and pain (that's new).
  • Thursday - found out that I did not pass my 3-hour GD test and needed to make a bunch of appointments for Friday morning. I was bummed, but I DID NOT drown my sorrows in chocolate (although I really wanted to).
  • Friday morning - pelvic pressure/pain is really bad and Bill insists that I try to get in to see a doctor. I called on my way to the hospital to meet with diabetes people and got an appointment. I picked up my glucometer (tests my sugar levels) and went onto meet with the Diabetes people...wasn't as bad as I had expected. I was pretty emotional this morning with everything going on. I didn't have an actual reason for all of my emotions, but I could have cried at the drop of a hat...I didn't tell Bill this b/c the pity alone would have made me burst out into tears. Once I got to the Diabetes meeting, I was fine. It's just handling a lot of things that scared me and being faced with the possible bed rest due to the pelvic pressure.
  • I saw the doctor yesterday to tell him about my pelvic issues. He did an internal (my first one) and said that the cervix felt fine. It was still closed and he was happy with my progress. He just said to take it very easy and basically do nothing (which was on my agenda). I was so relieved that I almost started crying right then and there, but I was too hungry! I couldn't concentrate on crying.
  • I decided to experiment with my blood sugar a little bit. I wasn't going to start testing yesterday, so for lunch, I got Taco Bell. I had noticed in my food book that tacos were on there and weren't all that bad for you b/c they're low in carbs. So, I tried it and I was under my limit. That made me happy...if I need a fix, I can still get it!
That's all for now. Everyone is, babies, and Bill...all good. Our hallway is painted and the painter is gone - I'M FINALLY ALONE!!! It looks great and now we just have a few more jobs to finish. This house may actually get done after all! I'm probably going to be updating the blog more often now that school is finished...I have nothing else to do!