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Friday, June 27, 2008

Issues with Daytime Television (from a pregnant woman pretty much confined to her couch)

What in the hell are these people/producers thinking when they put these shows on public television? They are ridiculous!!! They are taking people who have little or no talent and making celebrities out of them. For instance...Heidi Montag?? From The Hills??? WTF?? Why would we care about her no-talent little ass? Oh right...because she was on a reality show that requires no intelligence or talent. Or could we care because she and her boyfriend keep splitting up? Or maybe it's because she had a fight with her best friend? Guess what? I could learn all of that drivel from watching The Hills...I don't need Elizabeth Hasselbeck telling me all about it. And what is that we hear? Heidi is coming out with a clothing line?? Ummmmm....who gives a shit? Really! That just means that we could have one more meaningless celebrity out there pushing their marginal clothing so that everyone could dress as slutty as they are. Great!

I swear...I set my alarm every single day for 6:50 just to be up in time to watch the Today Show...lame, I know, but I need to keep myself in some sort of a schedule. Here's the thing though...if they deign to put Heidi on their show, I might have to stop watching. I don't think they would...they actually put things on their shows that are helpful and news! What genius came up with that? I cannot believe that people consider some of these shows entertainment! I like Kelly Ripa...she's cute and dresses well, and I would kill for her body (especially now!), but does she really get as interested as she seems when interviewing Heidi? I could see when Will Smith is on or even Fergie (she can sing - amazing huh? A talent)...that's kind of exciting, but to have to fake that same excitement for Heidi...Kelly should be given a raise! Did Barbara Walter, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy really give a shit that Heidi and her boyfriend (Spencer...lameass) are engaged to be that interesting at all? No! They were probably so pissed that they had to sit through that. Then Heidi and Spencer start talking about how different places (restaurants, clubs, etc.) pay them to show up at their establishment...we're talking upwards of $100000 to show up! WTF??? They do NOTHING!!!

Okay, this rant is over, but there could be more since I have about 7 more weeks of pregnancy and not much else to do. I did finish a book yesterday...first one (that wasn't IVF or pregnancy related) since last summer! Now I just have to haul my large, wobbly, waddling ass to the library for! More tomorrow on the pregnancy updates...lots going on, but still feels like not a whole lot!