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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gestational Diabetes - venting

I'm doing my best to keep this GD on track, but it is so frustrating! I don't know if the hormones that are controlling this are getting stronger since I'm getting closer to giving birth or if I'm really doing something wrong! I keep getting high reading for no apparent reason! I am eating basically the same thing every day and continue to have issues - especially in the morning. I tested myself after lunch yesterday and was pissed at the first number, so I tried it again...wouldn't you know that I got four different readings! I tested myself after dinner last night and got numbers that were 20 points really low and one really high. I am so pissed b/c I have to bring my paper to my OB today and she's going to ask me all sorts of questions and I really don't have any answers. Am I doing anything differently? NO! Oh well...just needed to vent. I don't know how people with diabetes do this on a daily basis...I give them credit. Okay, now off to feel Hailey have the hiccups like she does every's so cute!