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Friday, July 11, 2008

33 Weeks

The picture on the left was taken at 7 weeks and the one on the right was taken at 33 weeks...see any difference? The funniest thing? I thought I was HUGE at the 7 week picture!

Well, I'm still "taking it easy." It is kind of driving me nuts, but I know that it's the best thing for the babies. Here is how my doctor's appointment went this week

  • Weight: 186.0 pounds
  • Blood Pressure: 114/78 (a little higher than usual, but nothing to worry about at this time)
  • Urinalysis: Trace proteins (sent Bill into a tizzy b/c he's worried about preeclampsia...not to worry though...they don't worry until my blood pressure shoots up on top of protein in my, my swelling hasn't effected my hands and face)
  • Strep B: Positive - I'll need antibiotics for 4 hours prior to giving birth in order to make sure that the babies don't suffer from sepsis and pneumonia...I think I can handle that. They give it to you via IV and you just need to make sure to get there as soon as possible after you start labor. I had a friend who had this and it's pretty easy to manage.
  • Measuring: 39 weeks - that's down a week from last appointment, but it all depends on where Hailey is at that particular moment. Today she was really low, but a few hours later, she was back up. All in all, I'm starting to drop...feels great!
  • Other instructions: Take it easy, stay off your feet, stay hydrated, and call with any other questions.
Other venting: If 85% of women in the world suffer at one time or another with cellulite, why does the media focus on it so aggressively? They just took this picture of Jerri Hall and are now posting it on these television shows (entertainment?)...what is the big deal if most of us deal with it? Doesn't that mean that it's relatively normal? I'm not saying that it's the most attractive thing in the world, but if it's that prevalent, why focus on it? Nobody is perfect and it's ridiculous that we need to be shown those pictures.

The babies are moving around like crazy. Now they respond to sounds, light, voices,'s great! I love to feel them move around and if I don't feel it like I think I should, I move them around to get them going...I know this will probably come back to haunt you...i.e. you think you're going to push me around in the womb? Yeah, well, I'm going to repeatedly wake you up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off! That would be the way that my life goes...too funny!

Bill turned 30 yesterday and is so happy...the only thing I have ever wanted for him was contentment...he never seems to be able to live in the moment and truly enjoy it...he's always onto the next thing. He is really coming to peace with the pregnancy, the house, family stuff, and everything. He's not pushing himself as hard any more and it's really making me happy. He deserves to enjoy this pregnancy b/c who could be the only one. I think he came to that realization after seeing how difficult this has been on me and is now starting to enjoy it more. We went out to dinner for his was just nice to be able to hang out...I felt badly though because I had nothing to talk about...guess that's what you get when you hang out in the house all day long! I just know that I'll be fascinating again one day...I just need to get through this low point. I usually hit a low when school ends b/c I feel that I have nothing to talk about, so maybe this isn't so off base for me.

My friends and family are really making efforts to come and see me and call me...I so appreciate it! It keeps me from going crazy! I'm also reading books which is nice again...I just finished Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult...loved it! That's all for now...time to wait for dinner!