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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

So, it went well. Here are the highlights:

  • Weight: 187.8 pounds...still gaining. The nurse told me that I'm the only person who laughs when I see my weight. The way I figure it is that it's the best thing for the babies, so why not gain as much as I can...I'm not being unhealthy, so who's it hurting?
  • Blood Pressure: 112/70 - it's fine.
  • Heartrates: Both babies are in the 160's and that's good.
  • Measuring: 41 weeks - yes, I'm as big as a woman who is one week past due!
I laid down to have her use the Doppler and she noticed that I have this huge dent at the top of my's because Hailey has moved down/around and now that part of my belly is totally empty. She said it was a defect, but I politely asked her to find another word...I'm not defective physically! Just mentally! She explained to us that she may not be the doctor who delivers us and therefore the doctor who does may have different ways of doing things...the way I figure it is that there is no cut and dry labor and delivery for twins...I have to be ready for anything, so that's what I'm trying to do!

Bill worked on the babies' room again today. He got the initials on the wall...they're perfect and straight and evenly spaced...I picked the right guy for the job! He also tried to mount the mobiles to the wall, but the anchors are giving him trouble, so he went to Home Depot.

My Dad is coming to visit tomorrow...looking forward to that! He's going to help me around the house and with some gardening...I can't handle gardening at all! It's going to be nice to spend some time with him before the babies get here! After'll be nuts! My Aunt Karen sent me flowers was funny b/c she forgot to put her name on the card...we figured it out. So nice though...they're right at the end of my couch...that's couch...I own it and have commandeered it until the end of this pregnancy! If only I could find it within myself to clean off the loveseat so that other people could sit down without being so close to my feet!

That's all for now...we're all hanging in there and that's all that is important! Have a good week!