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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Basement is finally finished

Here is an excerpt from an email that I wrote my sister today...this is my life:

You'll get a kick out of this...Bill called this morning and determined that the carpet guys weren't going to be here until about 1PM. So, I get in the shower at 12:00 thinking that I'l be ready in plenty of time. I'm finishing up my shower and I hear something downstairs, but I thought it was just Brie barking at someone walking by...I'm lotioning down and realize that it's actually knocking on the door!'s them! So,I have to quickly (I don't really do anything quickly) put my men's boxers back on and find my robe...something I haven't used in a while and let them in! I answer the door in my boxers, robe, glasses, and hair up b/c I wasn't washing it today. I must have looked hot b/c I'm pretty sure that my belly was hanging out...what else could it do? So, I ask them to go around's just then that I realize that Brie is totally excited and needs to be put upstairs in the bedroom. So, I unlock the back door and let one of the guys in and literally drag Brie up the stairs all the while wondering if this is too much for me to do! I finally get her locked away, take one look at myself in the mirror to laugh, and go back downstairs...let me remind you that stairs are not my friend lately, but I think I was all hyped up on adrenaline. I get back downstairs and these guys have already started (gotta love good workers)! Now I'm totally out of breath, sweating, busting out of my robe (yes, along with my utters hanging down by the bottom of my belly), and don't know if I'm having a contraction or not, but my uterus sure is tight. So, I sit down to get a drink of water. I start feeling better and realize that they don't really need me. I tell them that I'm going upstairs to get ready/dressed and I do that. Can you believe that they were here early??? That sucks! I'm still all arms are starting to lock up while I type! I was so embarrassed!!! Bill meant to be home for them, but didn't expect them to come early...normally these people come late! Oh well...they're here now and I can relax. Just thought you'd get a kick out of that...hope I actually made you laugh out loud in your fancy office!

It was ridiculous...the pain is getting a little bit better for me. I can actually get in and out of bed without crying. That is a step in the right direction. I have been laying/lying (I never know which one to use) on the couch trying to get better and it is working slowly but surely. We're seeing the doctor tomorrow, so I'll update again tomorrow to let everyone know if I've broken through the 190 lbs barrier...craziness!!! Just had to let everyone in on my basement fiasco for the day...more to come tomorrow!