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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Four More Pounds??? What Can I Say?

Yes, I gained 4 pounds between last week and this week...what can I say? This gestational diabetes diet agrees with me? Nah! Here are the details from today:

  • Weight: 192 lbs (who wants to bet I break 200???)
  • Blood Pressure: 117/70
  • Urinalysis: Normal
  • Heartbeats: 160's for both kids
  • Measurement: 42-43 weeks...that means that I'm measuring around someone with a singleton who is 2-3 weeks past her due date...hotness!
  • When will they induce? 38 Weeks unless there is a reason to do it sooner.
  • Positions: Our boy is still head down and ready to go, but our girl is breech. We talked a little bit about what we would like to do and I'm starting to lean more toward a vaginal birth for both kids. If we go for that, there are a couple of possibilities that scare the shit out of me. First, they could deliver our boy and then our girl could just fall into position and deliver a few minutes later - this is the optimum possibility. Second, they could deliver our boy and manipulate our girl to either make her head down or pull her out feet first - that I could live with. Third, they could deliver our boy vaginally and not be able to pull our girl out and then I'd deliver one vaginally and one by c-section - not my optimum situation. Fourth, they could deliver both by c-section. The doc says that it really depends on who my delivering doctor is because some people (I'm assuming the younger doctors) are hesitant to go with options 1 or 2 whereas some of the more experienced docs will take the chance. So, we'll see what happens.
  • I asked her about the weight gain and she said that it's all fluid...that's hot. My feet look sooo sexy! They're up right now, but not looking pretty.
  • From this week on, I will have to have a biophysical profile (BPP) or non-stress test (NST) every week along with my normal doctor's appointment. I can get the NST done in the office (getting once next Friday), but need to get the BPP in the hospital. The NST will take about an hour and I apparently need to hit a button every time one of them moves??? Not really sure about this yet, but I'm sure I'll become quite the expert. These tests are just to make sure that neither of the babies are in distress over a period of time and if they are, they'll arrange a delivery time.
That's it! I had to get it all out before I forgot what happened there. I was surprised about the weight gain and I was surprised that I would have to start getting BPP/NST every week, but I know it's for the best b/c God knows what is going on in there sometimes! They are kicking the crap out of me! Any advice on what to consider for the birth would be appreciated...I'm just not sure. I also can't believe that I'm close enough to start considering options for their family is almost here! Thanks!