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Friday, August 8, 2008

37 weeks...can you believe it?

So, I made it to 37 weeks...full term for twins. I can't believe that my body is still holding up. Here are the updates:

  1. After 258 days of being pregnant, I got my first set of stretch marks. They're right below my belly button and they're reddish/pink. They itch like hell and I couldn't have been more pissed off that they just appeared 11 days before my c-section is scheduled...they have some nerve! A few people have mentioned that since I'm so close to being finished, they might just disappear...wouldn't that be nice?
  2. I went back to the doctor today and I am weighing in at 192 pounds...maybe I won't break 200 after all...I seem to have plateaued!
  3. My blood pressure and all of that stuff is fine...I was secretly hoping it would be a little high so that they would take me today, but no such luck...isn't that awful?
  4. The doctor measured my belly today and kind of laughed under her breath, so I was like, "what is it?" I am measuring 45 weeks!!! I'm measuring like a normal pregnant woman would if she went 5 weeks (that's 35 days) past her due date...ridiculous, right?
  5. I have finally found a way to sleep...I need to sleep sitting up...this helps my indigestion, my hips, and I don't have to get up every two seconds to switch positions...I couldn't be happier.
  6. The NST went fine...they want to do another one next Friday just to make sure the babies can hold on until Monday, but they've been pretty uneventful.
  7. The Gestational Diabetes is holding steady. I haven't been such a psycho about the diet and it seems to have paid off. I'm happier with what I'm eating and my levels are where they should be...everyone is happy!
  8. I finally caved and bought maternity underwear...actually, my mother bought them and sent it to me since I can't move. They're horribly ugly, but they are comfortable and that's all that really matters...Bill was cracking up!
  9. I'm happy that the Olympics are'll give me something else to concentrate on rather than horrible daytime television! I'm watching the opening ceremonies right now since Bill is out to get a beer with his friend...I'm glad he got out for a while...I think he's bouncing between being incredibly nervous and incredibly excited.
  10. Speaking of Bill, he gave me my push present (he was a little confused and thought you bought the present to motivate the woman to push...not to reward her...I explained that there is enough motivation just trying to get the babies out, but gotta love him)...he got me a diamond solitaire necklace...I've always wanted one and I love it...I really love it. I'm really lucky that he's still putting up with me...I've gotten a little more demanding lately...who wouldn't if they were the size of a horse and could barely move? No excuses...I know!
That's all for now...hope everyone is doing well and no one in the world is measuring at 45 weeks like me...wouldn't wish this on too many people! Happy Olympics!