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Monday, August 11, 2008

Maybe I'll get Every Pregnancy Ailment There Is!

THIS IS NOT ME...IT'S AN INTERNET PERSON, but it is what my butt and back look like...aren't I lucky?

So, now I have PUPPs (
Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy) which is basically a rash (I have it on my back and ass) that itches like crazy, gives me little red zitty looking things all over, and can't really be treated until birth. Lovely...granted, birth is only a week away (if we hold on that long), but still...couldn't I have escaped this one? Anyway, I spent the weekend in robes and nighties with hardly anything touching my skin and so upset because I didn't know what to do. I just kept putting lotion on (which helps a little bit) and sitting around bitching to whomever would listen!

So, we went to the doctor's office today (again) just to see what they had to say about it. My doctor took one look at it and knew exactly what it was and gave me this look like she felt really badly for me...I don't blame her. She actually said, "what else could happen in this pregnancy?" That's when I felt like I wasn't exaggerating. She offered to move the c-section up and I was a huge fan of that, but when she actually counted out the days, it didn't make much sense. See, I'm 38 weeks this Friday and they want me to get to at least 38 weeks, so what does it really matter if I go on Friday or Monday...we're sticking with Monday. She said I could use Bena.dryl and topical Hydrocortisone creams, but that's all that she could recommend for now. She also said that if it got a lot worse, she would prescribe me a steroid pack, but I don't know how good that would be for the babies. I know they try to stay away from steroids during pregnancy altogether. So, that's where we are. I'm supposed to take Bena.dryl around the clock to get some relief from the itching, use cold compresses, lotions, and cortisone creams. More fun in the world of Rebecca. Either way, I made it through today and that means 6 more full days before I can be called Mommy and Bill can be called Daddy! That's my update...I still can't believe that I got morning sickness, low iron levels, gestational diabetes, sciatica, swollen feet, horrible pelvic pain for 3 months, and PUPPPs all in one pregnancy, but hey...I guess that's how it is with twins. You can't escape much...don't they say that a rough pregnancy equals good babies...I could use that...or I'll at least hold onto it as long as I can! Oh yeah...the other good thing about PUPPPs is that it won't spread to my face...oh the vanity! Have a great day!