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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Get Your Sleep While You Can"...Yeah Right!

So, I slept in the recliner again last night, but sitting on my back/butt was excruciating on the PUPPPs, so at about 3:15, I went back into my bed. I couldn't sleep very well b/c I was itching like crazy, but thought I could drift off at any moment. At about 4:30 AM, I heard Bill get up with our dog, Brie, and take her out. He came upstairs and sometimes just didn't seem right, so I asked him if everything was okay. He said, "No, we have a major leak in the basement." Oh great...that's just fucking awesome considering we just redid the basement paint and carpeting. So, I haul my fat itchy ass out of bed to see what happened and here is the best that we can deduce without a professional opinion.

  • Somehow the line that connects the water and the refrigerator burst.
  • We got water all through the cabinet underneath the sink.
  • It somehow traveled under our wood floors to the basement and is leaking down the walls of our laundry room (unfinished) and over to our family room (finished).
  • We have water in the air conditioning ducts, insulation, walls, and of course the newly laid carpeting.
Bill somehow found the source of the leak and was able to stop the water from pouring (no exaggeration) out of that hose. He is now (at 5:42 AM) cleaning up items from our storage area that were damaged with the influx of water pouring into the basement. The thing that we don't know about is the kitchen there moisture underneath it? Will it cause mold? Will we need to replace that and the subfloor to make our house safe for the babies that are supposed to be here in 5 days? That's right...5 days.

  • Bill was able to find and contain the leak pretty quickly. He thinks it started right before he woke up.
  • We didn't lose anything irreplaceable.
  • The leak is now stopped.
  • Bill has not freaked out (yet).
  • We have to get the carpet professionally's been in for a month.
  • We may have to rip up our beautiful hardwood floors in the kitchen and replace them with something else in the midst of giving birth to twins.
  • We don't have any water/ice coming out of the refrigerator.
So, that was my night...didn't fall asleep until about 1:30, woke up at 3:15, slept from 3:45 - 4:30, and now I'm down here in the basement with Bill b/c I want to offer moral support. Have I mentioned that I have been petrified to go to sleep because of the itching that I know will occur with the PUPPPs and two because of the fact that I know waking up and getting up are going to hurt. So, bottom line, I can't believe this...