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Friday, August 15, 2008

38 Weeks - Let's start with a Bill-ism

I was in the kitchen last night wondering what to have for dessert. I guess I looked uncomfortable because my lovely husband said, "why don't you take off your bra?" I said, "I don't want to because it holds my boobs up." His comeback??? He says (completely innocently), "oh...I thought that's what your stomach was doing." Thanks honey! Maybe one day these things will sit where they should on their own, but I think that may take a miracle. He's funny!

I can't believe that I made it to 38 weeks...only 2 more full days (can't count today or Monday since today already started and I'm having the babies on Monday) of pregnancy left to get through. I'm not sleeping. I'm pretty sure I'm having contractions (not regular) and they hurt and keep me awake. My rash is u-g-l-y. My feet are swollen (but that's what I get for having Chinese Food last night, right?). I'm TOTALLY EXCITED to meet my babies. They have been moving around like those tiny little gymnasts in the Olympics! I haven't seen anything like it's so cool! It would be cooler if it didn't happen at 2:30 AM, but beggars can't be choosers, right? We worked so hard to get to this point and now I can't complain.

Speaking of the Olympics, I have been watching waaaayyyy too much of these games. I'm addicted to the swimming (Michael Ph.elps truly is a freak of nature) and the gymnastics is keeping me up at night. There are sports that I could have given a rat's ass about 2 weeks ago that now I can't stay away from! I have issues.

Okay, gotta get into the shower now...the restoration people are coming to dry out even more of our house. I started crying yesterday b/c they took huge chunks of our new carpet (just installed in July) out of the house to have it professionally dried and they may not be able to replace it...we may be back at square one. The good news is the adjuster seemed to be pretty fair in her estimates of what we will need repaired. Now the only question is where do we stay while all of this is getting done? Granted, we have a year to get the damage repaired, but we had just finished the house...frustrating! So, I had a minor breakdown and Bill talked me down...he really has handled all of it and tried to keep me out of it as much as possible. I started crying yesterday as the guy was taking pieces of my house out to his car to professionally clean and dry them...I was devastated. So, I hauled my ass upstairs so the guy wouldn't see me and just lost it for a little while...Bill was great, but I just can't believe that this tiny little hose has wreaked all of this havoc on my house. I'm so mad at the previous owner for ignoring the writing on the hose that says, "NOT FOR USE WITH ICE MAKERS." What an idiot!!! Oh's not the first mistake that we've had to deal with for his short cuts. It's just the one that caused the most damage. In the grand scheme of things, it can get fixed, the companies that we're working with are great, and this hasn't sent me into spontaneous labor (yet)! Have a good day! OH...NST this afternoon...I'll update after that!

The NST went well...both babies are doing well, although I did have some thoughts that I wouldn't completely mind if they told me I had to stay to give birth, I also don't mind waiting until Monday! They hate having the monitors on them and constantly try kicking them off of's too funny!