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Monday, August 25, 2008

We're home and it's been 1 week!!! (long post...get a glass of wine)

Wow...what a week it's been! I'm going to try to break it down into days (if I can remember), but I wanted to preface this by thanking everyone for their heartfelt congratulations and their good wishes. I also wanted to say that I couldn't have made it through this past week without my husband...they need to make a mold of him (of course, I could be a little biased). My family has been wonderful too...special "shout out" to my Mom...when I tell you that women are who you want around when you give birth...I'm not kidding.

Day One - Monday
  • Wasn't really nervous for the c-section.
  • Got to the hospital on time.
  • The epidural/spinal combination is a trip...I knew that they were doing things to me and it was uncomfortable at times, but I couldn't feel a was one of the strangest sensations EVER!
  • The babies came out - hallelujah! I LOVE not being pregnant...I can move again! They were both doing fine...Matthew had to go to the NICU briefly for some fluid, but he was in our room by 11 PM and hanging with his sister.
  • Didn't sleep at all that night and couldn't nurse to save my's okay though...they're here and they're beautiful.
Day Two - Tuesday
  • Got up and was exhausted...they said that I was doing well, so they took out the catheter, IV, and everything else that I was hooked up to.
  • I didn't really move around that much and that was a huge mistake. My other huge mistake was trying to have visitors that day and not just sleeping and taking care of myself.
  • The babies were doing great and nursing was starting to get a little better. I couldn't get them to latch properly and a lactation consultant came in that night (she was wonderful), but I couldn't keep my eyes open.
  • Kept the babies in the room again.
  • I have horrible hiccups that feel like my chest is caving in and apparently it's just gas.
Day Three - Wednesday
  • I woke up at 6:30 in the morning puking my guts out...try that with a c-section incision. I don't know what happened (probably had something to do with not sleeping for 48 hours), but today was the sickest that I have ever been.
  • The doctors came back in and decided that I should have my IV back in (one step backwards).
  • Got an anti-nausea medication in my IV (apparently pretty strong).
  • Kept puking.
  • I couldn't nurse at all (two steps backward).
  • I couldn't keep my eyes open for anything...people would try to talk to me and I would just pass out.
  • I couldn't hold a conversation at all.
  • Mom and Bill fed the kids formula all day and I felt horrible about it, but there was nothing I could do about it.
  • They sent me down for x-rays and just found that I was sick...thanks Captain Obvious. Oh, and I fell asleep on the x-ray table too.
  • Nothing by mouth was prescribed for meds, no water, no nothing.
  • We decided to send the kids to the nursery for the night...Bill felt guilty, but we both needed a good night's sleep.
  • I took at walk at about 11 PM around the floor...I was hurting pretty badly, but the nurses said that it would be the best thing. They were right.
Day Four - Thursday
  • I am better. I can stay awake. I can talk. I can recognize myself again. I can find the urge to use some serious mouthwash.
  • We took another walk...with the babies (and my IV) this time...God, if I had known how important it was to walk (although everyone in the world told me that it was), I may not have gotten sick.
  • I can have clear liquids.
  • I can pee.
  • I can get my IV out because I drank enough water/liquids that day.
  • We took another walk.
  • My Dad and brother came in to say good-bye. They had waited to make sure that I was okay before leaving MD.
  • I kept pumping to make sure that my breasts kept working toward my milk coming in. I didn't nurse at all, but I did keep pumping.
  • I am really hoping I can go home tomorrow.
  • Sent the kids to the nursery again that thing in the world.
Day Five - Friday
  • How do I get out of here?
  • What? I should shower? But it's only been since Monday...I'm gross. Okay, fine, I'll try to shower.
  • The nurse came in..."how do I get out of here?" Well, the kids need to be checked out and discharged by their pediatrician and you also need to be discharged by your doctor.
  • There was a lot of waiting today b/c we had to wait for all of those doctors to give their okays, for me to shower (difficult), for the babies to get their Hepatits B shot, and to get a wheelchair for me.
  • The car ride was good...I got emotional for the first time this week because I just couldn't believe this was it. We're finally bringing our babies home...we had done it. We had done what we thought was impossible and they are beautiful and they are ours.
  • I was completely overwhelmed by the time that we got home...I didn't know what to do and I didn't know when to do it. We ate dinner, fed the kids, and I fell apart for a little while. I wasn't sure I was doing well enough and I just needed sleep really badly.
  • The night was rough, but we made it through. Nursing is still happening and we're supplementing at night with formula...thank God!
Day Six/Seven - Saturday/Sunday
  • We had a really relaxing day both days. We're trying to get the hang of things...trying different things to get them to sleep a little bit more at night...we quickly realized that we have no control and can't figure anything out at this point...too much for two control freaks. We'll get there. We're taking naps and so are the kids. I'm a little nervous that they're sleeping too much and we haven't had very much poop this weekend, but I'm sure I'll regret saying that soon :)
Day Eight - Monday
  • Off to the pediatrician!
  • Things are fine...he wants me to feed them more (that means waking them up at various times through the day), but otherwise, we've gotten a clean bill of health.
  • We got out the playmat so that we could stimulate the kids a little more - therefore keeping them awake - and they did really well. Matthew is amazingly strong...already lifting his head up and turning around when you least expect it. Hailey is more dainty, but still strong.
  • I need to wake them up right now...I have to feed them more's orders!
I promise that I won't carry all of my posts through like this, but I want to document this for myself as well. I will post a picture soon, but we need to make sure that we can copyright it so that no one steals our little nuggets' images! If you made it all the way through - congrats! I owe you a glass of wine!