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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Diaper Cakes and Crying

So, things have been moving along just swimmingly. Here are the highlights:

  1. See above for the picture of the diaper cake that we got from Bill's cousin and his wife. It's so cool! I love the way that it's specifically designed for our twins. It's so thoughtful! I can't wait to take it all apart and really see what is in there. Here is the link for the's new, so give it a browse if you think you can use it!
  2. Hailey finally pooped! She hadn't pooped since last weekend and she finally pooped early Friday morning. I never thought I'd beg for baby poop, but hey...things change, right? She is much more comfortable and now pooping regularly. It's amazing though the smells that come out of these little tiny things...some of them are downright putrid.
  3. The babies are putting on weight. The doctor is please with everything about them and agrees with us that they're quite mobile. When we were doing Tummy Time the other night, Matthew rolled himself 10 days old! I think it was a pure accident, but hey...I can brag, right?
  4. I cried like a baby this morning when my Mom left. We're talking putting my head against her chest and sobbing. Sad, but true. Thank God my sister is still here or I'd still be a puddle! My Mom helped so much and even though she thought that she didn't, I couldn't have made it through the first two weeks without her.
  5. We gave both kids baths tonight...very fun! They actually like them and seem relaxed after them. They are really becoming part of our family. I'm having a little trouble with some of the timing of things (i.e. playtime, vitamins, feedings, baths), but we're getting better. We're actually trying to think now when we plan out our day and that's tough when you're not getting solid sleep!
  6. After tonight's bath, we decided to cut the babies' nails. I am completely petrified of this process b/c they're just so small and I seem so big in comparison. Now, I know that Bill would be better at this job, but I didn't really care...I was trying to be Super Mom and I think I'd done with that. My sister and I were in the nursery and she was holding Matthew. Hailey was on the changing table and I decided that I would give it a try. I got a couple and on my third, I was in trouble. I was all lined up and squeezed the clippers and she moved and I got a chunk of skin rather than her nails. She started to scream and I started to cry (again). I couldn't believe what I had done. Now...keep in mind that after the first 12 seconds, she didn't care, but I couldn't stop obsessing about it and I thought that Bill would kill me. I finally called him and he came up with our "What to Expect The First Year" or whatever that book is called. He wasn't mad...he was surprisingly understanding (maybe he was scared of doing it too). So, we looked up bleeding and my sister gave some suggestions (she's a nurse practitioner, so it's nice to have an expert on hand). We finally put a bandaid around the finger and used tape to secure it and put an mitten over her hand so she wouldn't bite it off. I'm not planning on keeping it bandaged all night because I don't want her to chew on it in her sleep, but I still feel horrible.
  7. We are going to try having them sleep in their separate cribs tonight. I have found that they are waking each other up and we just don't need that. The nights haven't been too bad (last night being an exception), but why test it, right?
That's all for now...we're hanging in there and getting some naps during the day (thank God). I can't begin to thank my Mom for all of her help and my sister for all of her encouragement. They both say that I'm a natural, so that makes me feel good. I guess I'm also a natural at dismembering my daughter! Just kidding...I'll get over it with the small glass of wine that I will have after my 9:00 feeding! Have a good Labor Day!