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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Itchy Rash - Yuch!

Has anyone who has delivered twins suffered from this? I've read about it online and apparently it occurs mostly in twin deliveries (c-section from what I can tell) and it's a rash on the legs and back caused by sweating. Well, I've been having night sweats due to these lovely hormones (and of course trying to get rid of all of the fluid I have accumulated over the pregnancy) and I've developed this incredibly itchy rash on my legs and lower back that I can't seem to control. It's worse at night and I hate it!!! I've looked on message boards and apparently it doesn't respond to steroid creams or prednisone...great...thanks doctors! When I itch the rash, it feels sooo good, but then it hurts like a son of a bitch! I was just wondering if any other twin moms who read this blog were familiar with this or have any ideas.

The sciatica is still here too. I'm not getting the shooting pains anymore, but the numbness in my upper thighs is annoying. I'm hoping that b/c it was the first physical symptom that I had to deal with, maybe it will be the last to go away. I'm really hoping that I won't need physical therapy!

Nothing else has been going on that's really a big deal...we're trying to get back into our routine this week. I have been doing fine with the babies so far now that Bill has been back to work. Yes, sometimes I sit on the couch and cry b/c I'm not sure what to do, but from what I hear, Moms of one baby do that too! I think I have figured out a lot of their cries and cues for what they want. I often find myself trying all sorts of things until I get it right...then it changes! I have also found myself having to put them on the floor (in the bouncy or their carrier or on a blanket) which means increasing the watch on Brie (our dog). She has been fine with them, but they say never to leave a dog alone with infants...okay, I won't! The thing is...I have to eat! Oh, and these two are really good at holding their heads up to look around (not really heard of at 3 weeks of age) and pushing off of us with their legs...they're strong! I'm also getting panicked that I won't be able to get them into all of their Newborn clothes before the weather turns chillier! So, I've been dressing them in cute little outfits so that I can get it all in. I'm not saying that I'll keep changing their outfits every time they wake up from a nap, but I can't do it on a daily basis, right?

People from work have been bringing me food which is sooo appreciated. I had no idea how much food was needed during times like these. I will definitely be better about that. I really didn't know until I had my own kids! Now I feel like a horrible friend for not delivering food to my friends who already had babies. I get it now! Plus, I get to talk to someone for a little while which is always nice. I just hope I don't have a boob in someone's mouth when they get here...if I do, oh well!

The people on the Today Show have moved to their Fall wardrobes. Guess that means I should move to my sweatpants, right? God, I'm such the fashionista! I don't know if I'm brave enough to try on my jeans yet...I'm curious as to what fits and what doesn't at this point. Every day the pooch goes down a little bit - how do I gauge this? I try to see how much of my va-jay-jay I can see every day...gross, right? I don't works. I have been seeing an improvement every single day, so I'm happy. I've been doing much better with eating and drinking my water. I know it's important for the nursing. I love the nursing. I love when they fall asleep on the huge nursing pillow and I can guarantee that we'll all take a nap like that one day, but I know I can't do that all the time...don't want them to get used to falling asleep on the boob!

Okay, gotta go finish my oatmeal, drink my OJ, and take my iron. Then it's off to feed the masses and hopefully a nap? That would be nice!