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Friday, September 19, 2008

Too Funny

A little story for you...I decided to talk the twins out for a walk on Wednesday afternoon. I was all ready and motivated and thinking, 'this will be fun and good for us to get out.' I had no problem with the stroller (my Dad was in this week to help me build confidence with using the stroller...I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to lift it!) and I actually got the carriers into the stroller with no problem. We went for our walk and it was beautiful, but halfway through, I realized that it was warmer than I thought. It was pretty cool in our house and I was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt (all the hotness). So, I drank my water along the way and started for home after about 15 minutes. At this point, I realized that the rest of my trip was uphill...great.

I start the trek and feel the sweat start to drip down my back...I can handle this...I'll be home soon. Then it starts on my legs. Now, please remember that I have this horribly itchy rash that is made worse by sweating. So, I'm pushing this stroller up the hill, sweating, and starting to itch uncontrollably! I finally get home and sit down on my front stairs and itch the hell out of my legs - at which point I start's dripping down my leg...great.

I quickly run inside and wet a paper towel...the twins start to get annoyed by being outside...they want to come inside, but I can't walk them around the house with a bleeding leg. So, I sit outside and try to control the bleeding. It wouldn't stop, so I figured I could pull down the leg of my sweats and that would absorb any blood that would come out. So, I start bringing the kids inside...the whole time, my dog, Brie, is trying to get out b/c she wants to come for a walk too...not gonna happen! I get them both inside and out of their carriers for their cribs. I figure this is a great time for a nap and I can jump in the shower to get some of this sweat off of my skin...and possibly stop this bleeding! I lay both kids down and they start screaming simultaneously...great!

They hadn't really napped since the morning, so I couldn't believe this was happening. Plus, I had taken off my sweatpants downstairs in the living room, so now I was just in my nursing tank and my underwear and my pooch hanging out...all the hotness. I figure, 'maybe they're hungry again' and take them both out of their cribs to get a little booby I'm sitting in the big chair, sweating, with both babies criss-crossed over me drinking from my boobs...great.

They both get sleepy, so I lie them down...of course, this isn't easy since they're both in my arms and my arms are slick with sweat (more now from panic than the walk). They get into their cribs and are still sleepy...nice! I'll be able to take my shower. So, I get into the shower, quickly wash off and start to feel better immediately. What are the odds that they'll both be screaming by the time I turn off the water? You got it...100%...screaming! So, I get semi-dressed (e.g. robe with boobs swinging everywhere...these things are huge) and go in to give them their pacifiers...this should work for a such luck. If there is an Olympic event for "Simultaneous Pacifier Spitting" my twins will win the freaking gold medal! In the end, I brought them both downstairs while we waited for Daddy to come home so we could do baths. Maybe they just don't want to nap in the afternoon...which leads me to this. I think I'm going to have to start sucking it up and waking up for good after the 6 AM feeding so that I can shower and get ready for the day. I don't think they're going to give me a solid chance after that. It's nice that they will sleep after that feeding...Hailey wakes herself up frequently, but she's not the screamer...I can deal with her. If Matthew wakes up, we're all screwed!

My Dad was here this week for a few days. That helped a lot...just to have someone around to hold one of the screaming babies. I think he really enjoyed his time with them and didn't want to leave, but at some point (actually at most points), I have to do it on my own. It was great to have him help me though. That's really it for now. We have stopped swaddling Hailey at night and just put her in long sleeve and pant onesies. Matthew still needs to be swaddled...wild man! They're doing better at night though...I don't know why, but they are. It could be that we're loading them up on calories at night and they're tired and sleep for a while. It could be that Bill is helping with the last feeding (formula supplement) and allows me to get sleep until 3 AM! Never thought that would be a good thing! Gotta go...Hailey lost her pacifier!