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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Lactation Consultant - She Came, She Grabbed, She Squeezed, She Reassured

If you're wondering what this post is all about, read yesterday's post. I was a nutjob.

Anyhoo! The lactation consultant (LC) came over and she asked a few questions (weights, date of birth, due date, etc.) and then we went upstairs so that she could see how the kids latched on and ate. So, I climbed onto my big bed and took my big nursing pillow and put it around me. Then I laid each child on it and proceeded to start to nurse them. She told me a little bit about Hailey's latch (keeps tucking her bottom lip under) and said that Matthew's latch was perfect. They continued to eat for about 30 minutes...we talked about how much milk they're getting and how active they are as eaters. We talked about how I could "up" my supply and certain herbal remedies and such. Then she said it...what I was waiting for...SHE WAS AS PERPLEXED AS I WAS ABOUT WHY THEY WEREN'T GAINING WEIGHT! Now, this is the professional! She also said that weight was just one indicator of growth. The fact that their heads were getting bigger and they were getting longer was a part of it too. She said that they look healthy and that they respond well to stimuli. I can't tell you how much better this made me feel.

We are going to add/change a few things:

  • I am going to start drinking Mother's Milk Tea. It has an herb in it that will help my milk supply to increase.
  • I am going to start pumping after I nurse (this is tough...I put them down for naps after I nurse and then they cry...they're too young to cry it out, so how do I accomplish putting them down and pumping at the same time?)
  • I am going to start to supplement with one more formula bottle during the 24 hour period. I will pump when those bottles are being given.
So, all in all, I do not feel like a complete failure. Thanks for all of the good thought and nasty ones toward Dr. Doom/Crotchrot. I made our follow-up appointment with another pediatrician...I won't go back to her. She's evil! Have a good day!