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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting better

Okay, things are slowly getting better. We have decided to do every other feeding with formula just to boost their weights until my milk comes in with more vigor! The kids are sleeping better, they're more alert, and they seem to be interacting more with me. They have started to look up at me while they're nursing and they seem to be on the verge of smiling! I'm almost sure that this is a result of them getting fed more, but who knows?

What else? We're starting to learn how to fill up our days. We go for a walk every morning (but walking hurts my pelvis - left over injury from pregnancy) and they love that. I also think that walking is good for my my outer thighs feel constantly bruised, but I'm hoping that's a result of my sensation coming back. This sciatica was my first pregnancy ailment, so I'm thinking it may be the last one to go away too! We also go out in the car usually once a day. Whether it's to the post office or a store...they're happy just getting out of the house...or is that me? My rash is slowly going away...I am only feeling it on the back of my knees and my lower back now. I think that's a huge improvement from all over.

I also saw a woman on Oprah today who had to have both of her arms and legs amputated after giving birth to her second daughter. That made me realize that even though my milk was not sustaining my children properly, things could be much worse. Apparently she suffered from an infection in the hospital...scary! Anyway, she was marching onward and I can too...enough with the pity what needs to be done. Quit your bitching!

That's really my big update. Things are getting better and I'm not beating myself up anymore. We're surviving. Plus, I think that Bill likes having my help feeding them at night. Oh! One more thing...I had to feed them bottles at the same time this morning (both up and hungry), so I set a Boppy for each of them on the couch, set up their burp cloths, and fed them bottles at the same time! I was so proud of myself. Good thing they're such quick eaters b/c I don't know if my back could have handled it for much longer, but they looked really cute. I think I'll take a picture the next time that happens. So cute!

Oh, and Clay Aiken is gay...who woulda thunk it? He always seemed so hetero.